Those of you who don’t have anything to hide won’t care much about this, but if you have secrets to keep hidden from others, then the new jailbreak application HideEmAll might be the right tool for you.

The app description sells it as an app to keep you out of trouble. I like to look at HideEmAll as a way to protect some of your information from curious people, rather than hiding dirty pictures from your wife. I guess you can use it for both…

HideEmAll allows you to hide then recover all your photos and text messages at the touch of a button, or rather a gesture, which can be set in Activator.

You can get HideEmAll from Cydia for $0.99. If you do, please let us know how it works for you and most importantly, why you’re using this app.

  • greytone

    Or, for a less cynical use, hiding dirty pictures OF your wife.

  • boogie

    or hide pics of somebody else’s wife… lmao

  • Nilesh

    Just tried it and it’s AWESOME! Works great, lots of different options to toggle the feature on. And very useful when you have inquisitive people around you all the time. Loving it

  • Jon Garrett

    I would love to use this app but MY wife would get more pissed that Im hiding something than if I wasnt and got caught. 🙁

  • iphoner

    can you hide videos too?

  • Download KEYBOX ( ), it hides your private photos and encrypts them with AES-256 so even if your iPhone is stolen or lost the photos will be near impossible to retrieve.

  • KYMS is the best App to hide photos and videos behind an harmless calculator!! try it, you can add picture from internet with a private browser, form PC by using WiFi and naturally from your camera roll…