As we reported earlier today, iOS 4.2 for iPhone is now available for download. To get iOS 4.2 on your iPhone, simply make sure your have updated iTunes to the latest version available (version 10.1), then plug your iPhone in.

iTunes should tell you that a newer software is available for download and prompt you to update. If iTunes doesn’t tell you anything, click “check for updates”. If you still can’t see anything, try again later as iOS 4.2 might not be available in your area just yet, as it takes time to propagate throughout the servers…

iOS 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It comes with a few new features such as AirPrint, AirPlay, free Find My iPhone, and a few other features you can learn about here.

You can download iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from our downloads section.

Do Not Update If You Jailbreak or Unlock

As usual when a new software comes out, it is recommended that jailbreakers, especially unlockers, stay away from iOS 4.2. Updating right away will get you to lose your jailbreak, but most importantly, you might not be able to unlock for a while.

We don’t know yet when a new jailbreak and unlock will be available. This is the latest info we have on the matter. As soon as we know more about the jailbreak situation, we will let you know and we’ll have guides and tutorials up for you.

If you choose to update to iOS 4.2, please let us know what you think about the latest firmware.

  • What if you Jailbroke with Limera1n?

    • I think I made it pretty clear… Do not update if you rely on a jailbreak/unlock, no matter what you used to jailbreak. You can update, but you will lose your jailbreak until a new one is available.

  • Eric

    Dunno…try it and see…people were successfully jailbreaking betas i believe. I would not think this release will take too long, i am pretty sure i saw a tweet the other day about 4.2.1 GM being jailbroken with no problem and that was the last revision of this firmware. Correct me if i am wrong.

    • Spikeyyy

      Yeh… MuscleNerd said that Unlock for current 02.10.04 & 05.15.01 will be available in couple of days after 4.2 is released for general public.
      Now upgrading OS to 4.2 means your BaseBand gonna be upgraded as well and this will totally ruin your chances of getting unlock any sooner. It’s already been 3 months wait for above BaseBand users to wait for the unlock.

  • Eric

    I have an iPad so i dont need to worry about unlock…but i dont want to lose my jailbreak apps but prolly wont be too long without the jailbreak….but i dont know if i want to do it…jailbreak is the only way to be and if your already jailbroken ,why would you want to ?

  • Julien

    Please sebastien tell me when their will be an unlock for iphone4 4.1
    Tx a lot

    • Spikeyyy

      Couple of days after 4.2 is released for general public.

  • I thought the jb community said they’d release jb same day as official iOS 4.2

    • Spikeyyy

      JB is already available. They have tested the JB for 4.2beta for developers.

  • Eric

    Never saw that anywhere WIlliam and i follow pretty closely. But i would assume a pretty fast turn around.

    • Daniel

      Who’s Eric?

      • Eric

        Daniel, who are you?

  • gt

    according to, there is firmware 4.2.1 out for iPhone 4

  • alex

    dang it! I tried to upgrade my unjailbroken iphone4 to 4.2 and there was a 1013 error! Now my phone get stuck in recovery mode.

    • BK18

      Same here.

      • Jarin

        Same here but i managed by changing the laptop n its 4.2.1 not 4.2

    • trax

      does anyone could help??? 🙁

  • luis

    why cant people just wait for the right tools damn it! save the SHSH at least if u wanna downrade morons!

  • sak500

    Downloading 624mb of 4.2. Already saved my 4.1 ssh. Since my ip4 is new it’s already locked on 02.10.04 BB which i’ll preserve and update to 4.2 via umbrella.

  • Is there a jailbreak yet for iOS 4.2 ipod touch 2G MC with SHSH blobs untethered?

    • Burge

      No …I take it you don’t read ..there is NO JAILBREAK YET FOR ANY IDEVICE ON 4.2

  • Pigeon

    what do you recon funday Sunday for jb?

    • James

      When is anyones guess. Just hopefully it’s untethered. If not I’ll stay on 4.1 on the phone. Having the iPad tethered would kinda suck too. So hopefully they can work it out. It’s technically already jailbroken, just the iPad, iphone4 and new boot Rom 3GS phones are tethered with the tools available now.

  • James

    So are these the same as the 4.2.1 gm builds that came out last week? I grabbed them then just to have them and await the tools. Mostly looking forward to it on the iPad anyway, the iphone 4 is fine right now with 4.1 for me. But this is going to make the iPad feel new all over again 🙂

  • al

    that part I don’t like about upgrading then jailbreaking again is that you have to reinstall all your jailbreak apps. anyone know of a quick way to accomplish this?

    • You can use AptBackup. I used it once, but it didn’t work. I never used it again after that. It does work for most people though so it might be worth a try.

      • it worked for me when i upgraded to 4.1 this last time, for everything but my cycorder, so i was pleased. Easier to uninstall a few packages i found that weren’t compatible, then to load them all manually again after jailbreaking.

      • hi can u tell me why i dont i restore my orignal firware of iphone 4

      • In English please? I don’t understand what you’re saying

    • Burge

      Use PKGBACKUP works 100% and if you use it with SBORGANIZER it will put your icon back where thay were

  • EyePhone

    Lets hope the unlock comes out soon with the JB

  • Carlos

    guys can any1 tell me when to expect an unlock for my iphone 4 ios 4.1. thx!

  • iPhonerd

    Freaking Apple update server is down. I tried to update my 3GS and 4, both could not be updated as it gave me error message saying that iTunes could not contact apple update server. Called apple and they confirmed the issue and said device information is being updated to the server and will be completed by tomorrow. So some devices might not be able to update until tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is another day 🙂

  • Dan79z

    I can’t wait for an unlock! I hope it’s on it’s way now that 4.2 has been released. Had my 3GS for 2 whole months and still locked! Dam you apple!

    • Spikeyyy

      I am in the similar situation.

  • Tony

    I thought with the last JB, all future iOS updates were gonna be able to be JB easily and without wait, until a new hardware update came out? What happened to that?

  • Blake

    Did u ask “what if I jailbroke it with limer1an”? I hate when noobs jailbreak. Every firmware there has to be a new jailbreak as the payload for the old one gets patched with the update.

  • A2tHeD2030

    u guys dont know s*** cuz yes there is a jailbreak out for 4.2 n its called redsn0w but u have to use the 4.1 op on it to jb 4.2 n if u dont beleive me go check out dev team site n it tells u there.
    ive did it n it works

  • Name: Mark

    The great thing about AirPlay, believe it or not, is that you’re not in search of a new DLNA tv to make it work. Moreover, you can move the functionality easily between different sets in your house on an as needed basis. Considering its hockey-puck size, and the iTunes DJ functionality… that’s some really nice capability packed in there.

  • martin

    all i need to know is.. now that my 3g with 4.1 is jailbroken (i think it is because everytime i turn the device on… i see the pineapple for a long while… instead of the apple icon…) what do i need to do to get it unlocked? i got firmaware 5.14.02!!!
    do i need to reset the whole thing all over again and jailbrake it with something else and then unlock it? or what?
    please… give step by step instructions… i am not that good with this electronic stuff….thank you!

    • Pigeon

      You won’t need to reformat and rejailbreak if you are staying on 4.1! When and unlock is available it will be on cydia for you to run providing that you add the Dev teams repo in your sources. Guides are available just search google.

  • Why I can’t found any update? I was installed iOS 4.2.1 GM does this version same as the final iOS 4.2?

  • Zeeshan

    wen we can get unlock for 3g using redsn0w + ultrasn0w …??????

  • Pigeon

    Who knows they don’t tend to provide an eta they just post it. Keep checking the Dev-Team site like the rest of us (well except me I have a factory unlock ;))

  • hi every body i come again

  • every body can jail break 4.2.1 with red snow i done it with my iphone 4

  • Martyn

    My phone was unlocked by my provider, If I jailbreak will I loose my unlock?

    • Martyn

      Well I did it last night 4.21 on and the My provider unlock is still working , I have teseted it on another network 😉

  • Jonsey

    I just jailbroke my phone perfectly fine with the 4.2 update perfectly fine at Limera1n.

    • Matt

      What phone do u have? iPhone 4? I bet if you turn your phone off it will go in recovery mode..

  • Eric

    BS screenshots please….of your baseband and serial….and what carrier your on. The only way to Jailbreak at the moment is Redsn0w and its tethered for new bootroms and A4 Chip devices.

  • Eric

    ^^ EDIT: not serial i meant Firmware. What bootrom are you on?

  • Eric

    my iPad is Jailbroken 4.2.1 with redsn0w and i am not having any problems other than the fact that its TETHERED. But its not a big deal if you dont reboot or shut off your ipad…which i hardly ever do!

  • Phalkunna

    Hello everybody? Can you help me for unlock iphone4 4.2.1 that can be install any softwares

  • The police came to my friends house whenbhebtriedbtonkaolbreak his they can track people somehow

  • Eric

    ^^ make sense please