I just received an interesting tip about a pretty major Photoshop fail you can currently see on Apple’s website. If you go to this page right now, you will see pictures of second and third generation iPod Touch’s sporting the camera icon.

Only the 4th generation iPod Touch, which was recently released, is equipped with a camera. So this is definitely a major fail from Apple’s web design department. I assume this will be fixed in the next few hours…

[Thanks moeseth]

  • Stefan

    Also facetime on it…

    • Oh yeah, true. They even have FaceTime on this. #DoubleFail 😉

    • Z

      I thought 4th gen touch came with front facing camera

  • Interesting…

  • luis

    isnt the ipod touch 2g capable of having wallpaper :S? background should be black like the 3G right?

  • lol

    yeah, another fail is that ipod touch 2g wasnt allowed wallpapers in the update!

  • iKing

    Oh y’all haven’t heard Apple now supports jailbreaking. That’s why theres a background and FaceTime on the iPod 2G. 😀

  • Eye Fone

    The entire photoshopping section is going to be fired over this.

  • Chris

    OMG OMG OMG….Fire them all.

    Really…it’s not THAT big of a deal.

  • Dan

    WOW SO AMAZING…..NOT!!!!! Use the space for news that’s worth it…

  • bikr

    This has been around for months… reportingfail

  • PBJake

    LOL I think we should just stop being childish and actually focus on what’s worth reading… these kinds of posts show how tasteless a website can be.

    To call it a major photoshop fail… gimme a break… I bet you probably think that Steve Jobs will fire those employees for this mistake since he likes to micro-manage everything

    • Eye Fone

      Cheer up. Its called Humor.

  • JR

    Hardly a “MAJOR” fail. More like a
    “minor oversight”.

  • StarENiX

    It’s supposed to be amusing, lighten up people. He was just pointing out that the somewhat perceived as perfect Apple has made a boo boo.

  • Benny

    Not to mention the 2g Touch don’t have a changeable backgrounds

  • AE

    so its a triple fail ipod touch 2g and 3g dont have facetime and camera app and ipodtouch 2g doesnt support backgrounds can anyone find something else?

  • Shaquille

    OHHHHH SH*****T!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaquille

    Don’t forget the homescreen background

  • Tippmann

    lol now they fixed the cameras on the devices the wallpaper on ipod touch 2g but they forgot the face time on 3g ipod touches Fail

  • Ernesto

    Apple updated their site but only the 2nd gen iTouch was changed.

    • Ernesto

      I meant… facetime icon is still shown on the 3rd-gen itouch.

  • Austib

    LOL! Yes major fail. AlsO its worth notig, tje second generation ipod touch doesnt support wallpaper (im curretly using a second gen i-Touch). And facetime icon is also on it! Haha

    ALSO! On apples new “find iphone” ad for ios 4.2, you can see apple knocked off the “AT&T” logo from the iphone 4 where it normally is. Could this point to something like… A new carrier soon !?!?!

  • duders

    Amazing. They fixed it.

    Very cool.