When I saw this article on Gizmodo titled “Turn Your iPhone Into a WiFi Router Without Jailbreaking”, I had some serious hopes and expectations for what I was going to read. I imagined a device that would basically do what MyWi does to your iPhone, without having to jailbreak.

In a sense, the Nexaira Business Class II 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Router does just that. By plugging your iPhone into the router, you can instantly create a secure wifi hotspot using the 3G connection from your phone, and share this connection with around devices up to 200 feet around you…

So far it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well don’t get too excited yet because the fun stops here.

For the router to work, you will have to subscribe to the $20/month AT&T tethering plan. It kinda defeats the purpose of it all knowing you’ll have to get on the official iPhone tethering plan from AT&T.

If you ask me, I think jailbreaking and using MyWi to tether your iPhone to use it as a wireless hotspot is still a better deal. However, if you’re a business and you don’t want to deal with jailbreaking for various reasons, I can see this as an alternative to a $60/month MiFi plan.

Still, at about $200, the Nexaira Business Class II 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Router is quite the investment. Is that something you’d buy? Or like me, would you rather stick to MyWi?

  • T-Mizzle

    How much does MyWi cost?

    • appletiser

      $20 iirc, I think there’s a cheaper option if upgrading from an older version.

  • Twited21

    I don’t like mywi 🙁

    I use pdanet pro I trust pdanet it’s been around fir years

  • moimoimoimoi

    In my case, PDAnet worked a lot better then MyWi – I had bugs syncing and plugging in the iPhone with MyWi . I used PDAnet for some time after without issue (except having to download the computer app).

    Recently I’ve been using Tether-me. This tiny app uses the native iPhone tethering software built into the phone . It works great and has bluetooth tethering as well (and NO you don’t need to be on a tethering plan, and NO they cant detect you using it)

  • Mike

    I got a virgin mobile MiFi. It’s pay as you go, no contract required. $10 for 100mb to use in 10 days, or $40 unlimited for a month.

  • cherkaoui

    not good idea

  • martin

    Hello guys… can help me decide if using my iphone (once i unlock after this new release comes out.. and i am able to use it with t mobile network… that is!) would be a good alternative to not having high speed internet at home and use my wireless home network so that i can connect to the internet with my macbook?
    thank you!

    • bob

      that would be a very stupid idea, DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!?

  • John

    The MOFI3500-3GN can take the wifi from the iphone and use it as a wireless bridge

    The MOFI3500-3GN is $99.99 and very solid.

    Check it out as it can do much more that you think.