A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to the new website DamnYouAutoCorrect.com, which compiles a bunch of hilarious auto correct suggestions by the iPhone.

We’ve all been there, typing and sending a text message to then realize the iPhone auto correct had changed a word, completely changing the meaning of what we wanted to say. This case is no different, but it sure is funny…

Have you had such funny auto correct suggestions before?


  • Abdullah

    I think theres a spelling mistake in the title: *to

    • Av4tar

      I think that’s intentional! 😀

    • Good catch. I fixed it. Thanks

      • Orangesn0w

        Wasn’t fixed on twitter D:

  • Eduardo

    Fake! Both Words start with “Di” buth V is not even close to S or O to N, so there’s no way that would have been an option in the auto-correction.

  • johnny deep

    @ Eduardo

    Sorry but no. Auto correction made me said I’m having sex with your mom when I wrote I gotta talk to your mom’s

    shit is beyond logically

    • Dgxgx

      It changes probaly to origami on my idevice


    I was typing netflix and it wanted to type Negroid. – I am not a racist it’s just what it wanted to type ! I even took a screenshot of it. I was like dam apple, that sh!t fuked up.