Many of us jailbreakers know how frustrating it can be to debug the modifications we make to iOS. When installing an app in Cydia, if the app requires it, Cydia gives you a prompt to restart your springboard.

There are two types of restarts you can have on your iPhone: a hardware restart and a software restart. A hardware restart takes considerably longer, and it is when you see the Apple boot logo (or your own, modded logo). A simple software restart usually does the trick for installing new packages on your iPhone, and it also helps with ironing out the bugs you may be experiencing…

Besides the prompt in Cydia, there is no real way to easily initiate a software restart on the iPhone. A hardware restart is as simple as manually powering down the iPhone and turning it back on. However, this type of a reboot takes considerably longer. And in most cases, it’s not necessary.

Luckily, there’s a little, free utility out there called “Respring.” Once you download Respring to your home screen, it acts as a quick toggle to do a software restart of your iPhone. Whenever you click the icon, a quick screen pops up saying that your springboard is being restarted. That’s all there is to it!

There is also another free, lightweight mod in Cydia called “RespringLoader.” All it does is install a respring toggle into your iPhone’s main Settings pane.

So there you have it, two of the easiest ways to do a software respring of your iPhone.

I know that there’s been plenty of times when I’ve installed something through Cydia and it has caused my iPhone to freak out. Doing a software respring of iOS is very helpful when you’re making changes and trying to troubleshoot what’s wrong with your setup.

Do you respring your iPhone often?

  • Joe

    Or, instead of getting a whole new app for this, you could just use the one included in SBsettings. It’s MUCH more accessible than an option in the settings page, and doesn’t take up an icon on your home page (that you have to either navigate to when you need it, or if it’s in a prime spot, look at every time you don’t need it)

  • Eric

    Just use Sbsettings. The #1 reason to jailbreak anyway.

  • Eric

    This guy is an idiot with this suggestion

  • Kev

    I’d use sbsettings too. Gives you a load of power choices in a swipe and a press from almost anywhere.

  • brent

    sbsettings. Oh, was that already mentioned?

  • Ryan22

    This is dumb, sbsettings is what I use too!

  • appletiser

    One swipe of SBSettings is more than capable

  • John

    I use the springboard one. I have sbsettings too but some people prefer the other. Don’t let the comments discourage you Alex.

  • Thomas G

    SBSettings was my main option for the longest time, the residing button is right there in the popdown.

    Although I recently switched to gpower, you can assign it via the activator and it provides the ‘slide to power down’ (obviously), and the option for a reboot and a respring. Real easy as well, takes the same amount of time to go to SBSettings though 😛

  • Juan

    what’s wrong with SBSettings? I respring frequently but I wouldn’t install a dedicated app just for that.

  • Eric

    SBSettings Nuff Said.

  • Kjeldor

    SBSettings! just one swipe! and its gone…

  • Guys, I know SBSettings is the popular option. (obviously)

    I wanted to show a couple other options for respringing. Not everyone likes SBSettings (believe it or not), and some people like to have more than one option.

    It never hurts to have options, guys. And there’s no need to call someone else’s option dumb. If you use SBSettings, great! Let everyone know why. Being condescending to another option isn’t necessary.


  • Robin

    Where do I find that cool respring wallpaper (the one with Sonic on it)????

  • truegamefamily

    never knew you could respring from sbsettings. thanks guys

  • Dave Amato

    I guess we all agree, sbsettings is a standard. However, I have noticed an incredible performance boost after uninstalling sbsettings on my 2G.

    • SpideyRules

      You should notice an incredible performance increase on a 2G when you uninstall ANYTHING 🙂

  • Marcoarrossi

    How would you add your own boot logo insteadof the apple logo?
    Please help i cannot find how to

    • Marcoarrossi

      I yave jailbroken itouvh 4g

  • JB Buddy

    Comments on here are dumb. SB Settings is good, but when you respring, it actually erases your battery time usage. Every time you charge your iphone to 90 and above and you unplug your charger, the battery time usage starts. When your respring from SB, it wipes that out until you recharge back to 90 or above. SB also is a battery killer and it slows up your phone. (depending on what phone your using) I use SB Settings but there are some other things from Big Boss that is better than SB.

    Any ways, I think guys on here should be more respectful to authors on articles. You don’t have to agree with anything written, but you don’t have to read, comment and come on this site either.

    • Ryan22

      If you think our commets are dumb you dont have to read them or write back . It goes both ways.

  • Z

    @Alex Also in Activator you can assign any gesture/press of a button for respring. I had a double press of a sleep button set for respring for a while. Was very quick and useful while setting up the phone to my preferences.

  • Michael

    Even if your iPhone is not jailbroken, and you want to respring there is a way, by Changing the language.

  • Polemicist

    “Besides the prompt in Cydia, there is no real way to easily initiate a software restart on the iPhone.”

    Then the rebuttal

    “Guys, I know SBSettings is the popular option. (obviously)”

    Well that that gave me a good chuckle.

    One of the biggest reasons for respringing your Springboard is because of the Springboard being slow to react so you suggest an application that requires you to use Springboard? Sorry but I’m still chuckling. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • UbErJ4y

    Hey question if I have a tethered jailbreak will a hard respring take it out, Thanks in advance

  • ;lkajsdf;lksajdf

    not everyone likes sbsettings… just saying

  • Robere

    sbsettings all the way. what a waste of memory for something you already have in a convenient slide down menu.

  • Nick V

    I am actually one of the few who don’t use SBSettings because it CONSIDERABLY LAGS MY IPHONE 3G. I monitored my RAM and with SBSettings I had a little over 25mb. Without SB I have a little over 50mb. Thankyou for RespringLoader and goodby haters.

  • Me

    I use activator and assigned respring to a press-and-hold home button action. Even simpler and more accessible than SBSettings.

  • The Shoonchy

    I have noticed that after a respring from SBSettings, the phone usage times are not displayed anymore. This is a mild annoyance as I sometimes check to see how much I have used over the charge, is there anyone who can suggest me a good fix for this please?

  • On thing to say that iDownloadBlog is THE BEST! FUCKIN BEST!

    Always helped me…one way or the other! 🙂

  • does anybody know why my ipod touch resprings till the batterys dead.

  • Does anyone know how to get respringloader to work? Toggling it in the settings app doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

  • RA OS

    I am one of those who does not like SB Setting and I appreciate you have make me aware of the other Option. I use iPad1 and have nothing but problems with SBS plus is not (HD) and the icons sting I prefert Insanelyi over BigBoss so I install “Respring Loader”. I thing SBS needs a rewrite is old and looks old and don’t like iPad1

  • i respring with multiboot