You gotta love America, the land of freedom and entrepreneurship, a land where anyone can be an overnight success and make the headlines. But America is also the land of lawsuits. 17 year-old Fei Lam is just about to know both the fun side and the not-so-fun side of being an entrepreneur in the US.

This kid form Queens, NY has been selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits using parts he acquired directly from a source close to the Foxconn’s iPhone factory in China. Selling from $135 to $279, these kits have made Fei Lam over $130,000 in the last few weeks. Everything was doing fine until he received an email from a private investigator…

The private investigator, who most likely works for Apple, accused Lam of selling stolen goods, which Lam says he is “100 percent sure is not the case”. So how did he get these parts again? Lam explains:

I knew a guy from a few years back that had somewhat of a relationship with folks in Foxconn.

That sounds shady!

At any rates, Lam’s website was so popular that it got picked up by TechCrunch and other blogs. I remember getting an email from Lam weeks ago about promoting his product on iDB but I didn’t pay any attention to it.

If it’s proven that Lam is indeed selling stolen part, he could get in real big trouble, which is probably why he started looking for a lawyer.

All this story is fun and entertaining but I have one major question about all this. If the parts are really coming from Foxconn’s factories in China, then why is this kid able to get them while Apple keeps postponing the release of the white iPhone 4?

[iPhone Savior]

  • Hello everyone
    I have a question about my iPhone 4
    Today I spoke with my mom on my iPhone 4
    I hung up and 1 minute later I would see the bell on my iPhone
    But my iPhone would not open!
    I think it has been “bricked” but I do not know how I can see it …
    So if there are some who will tell me what is going on so please tell me …

    My iPhone is on Ios 4.0 jailbreaked and unlocked.


  • OMG fail i failed at bel :S
    Bell = Clock

  • Will

    That’s a very good question Sebastian , just doesn’t make any sense to me … Lol

  • Missile

    that is the same question i have and i doubt apple has realized it yet…. Steve Jobs… you cant run it all forever… theres always someone better then you…and in time you’ll get left behind….!

  • Burge

    The reson no white iPhone 4 , Is because this kid is selling all the White bits and Apple doesn’t have enough for them selves…

    • Andrew

      Everyone is selling white iphone except apple. You could get a white iphone 4 clone 4 months ago. Seriously though, what’s the point once you put the case on it, it might as well be purple.

  • James

    Hasn’t anyone figured it out yet?

    The white iphone 4 is going to be the Verizon exclusive.

    Delay, delay….delay……can you hear me now? 🙂

  • manu

    @ james

    yeah common sense brother. White iphone will def go to them since the black will be the one that everyone has and lets you know you have AT&T. The white iphone on verizon Is a shot at AT&T for keeping them down for so long while android runs on every carrier.

    • James

      Yep, and if thats not the plan, apple should let this dude sell all the kits he can to get rid of the stock!

      Unless the iphone 5 case the same case as the 4. Like the 3G and 3G-S.

  • iPhoneZomBie

    I don’t think the parts are real, I know 100% that they are having paint issues it the white iPhone. And there is no way that Foxconn would sell parts to someone especially that when its still in development thats a major law suit and they will louse their contract with Apple. Its china you could have anything made in china. just type “wholesale iPhone 4 parts china” in google and you will find plenty. D H GATE is one of them. INJOY!!!!

  • Alex

    What’s the big fuss over this kid selling white iphone 4 components? They have been selling them for months now at, for around the same price if not cheaper.

    From my experience as a product distribution manager, legally speaking, this kid has not broken any laws by simply selling white iphone4 parts. Unless investigators could prove that this kid breaks the laws to obtain these parts, then that would be an issue. However, re-selling products that are available and obtainable overseas is completely legal, as long as the items were purchased legally and all duties paid.

    If the parts were not genuine Apple parts, he MAY have some issues for labeling his items “official”. However, the word “official” is too broad to be of deceit in this case.

  • Z

    All I can say is who cares about the white iPhone when just yesterday I went to the nearest target to see if they have an iPhone 4. Sure enough the only employee responsible for iPhone sales had the only working iPhone 4. And here is why I am saying ‘who cares about the white iPhone”: when I asked the rep about death grip, he actually demonstrated it on his working iPhone 4 and confirmed that the problem DOES exist and can only be fixed with a case that you can no longer get for free.

    All I can say to that is f the white and the black iPhone 4. I’m waiting for the next idevice, that hopefully doesn’t have any flaws.

    P.S.: no offense to iPhone 4 owners/lovers – it really is an amazing toy, which only makes me more excited for the next phone apple comes out with. Let’s hope it has a dual core processor and 1Gb of DDR3 RAM =)

    • iPhoneZomBie

      LMAO @Z That will be nice, And on the eat grip I thought it was only on the older iPhone 4 models.

      • Z

        Well, considering that target started selling iPhone4 8, 16, and 32Gb (I didn’t even know they came out with an 8 gig iPhone 4) on November 7th, I doubt it’s older models. However, apple should really train their reps and teach them marketing 101.

      • iPhoneZomBie

        You mean Target store They sell iPhones, I did not know that and they have a 8Gb.

      • Z

        Yes, I have a Target a block away. After reading an article on iDB about Nov 7, I got all excited. As a matter of fact you can sign up for a 2 year contract with them. The minimum 200Mb data plan was $54.99/m or something like that. That alone made me laugh, since I’m with 3GS on an unlimited paying $65/m.

        Exactly my point, I did not know an 8 gig iPhone 4 existed, but turns out that it also goes for a $100 less than a 16 gig one. Which really makes no sense to me either.

  • Kingz

    Ive actually come accross several white iphones on CL and they look very real. Then again i do live in nyc where this kids selling those kits.