No iOS 4.2 for us today, unlike many sites were wrongly reporting, mostly based on a rumor that started as a joke. Instead, Apple released iOS 4.2.1 GM to developers.

iOS 4.2 should have already shipped to the general public but a last minute bug pushed out the release. We’re likely to see iOS 4.2.1 released to everyone sometimes next week…

Let’s be patient. Thoughts?

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  • This just confuses me, honestly.

  • Eric

    So does this mean the first general public firmware will be 4.2.1 and not just 4.2? Or what?

    • Yes, I believe so. Like Andrew said, it’s very confusing!

      • Joe

        Happy birthday 😉

  • Apple must simply want to make absolutely sure they’re delivering a 100% stable piece of software to the community. Good call, but still.. Not like Apple and their regular dev release schedules in the past (beta and GM releases).

  • @Eric Most likely yes, that will be the case.

  • Burge

    No White iPhone 4 , some shit about tomorrow being some DAY , and now this . Come on Apple get your shit together

    • Eric


  • MikeLo

    1st the beetles now this 

  • minifender

    LOL @ MikeLo…. totally true

  • ram

    making confuse of pepole bcz somtime they say 4.0.2 gona relase very soon they dont know acutaly when appl gona relase 4.0.2

  • ram

    noting gona happend its just shit

  • inxs

    Apple should get their acts together less they turn to Microsoft slowly

  • DomPerignon

    What difference does it make if it is 4.2 or 4.2.1?

  • Moe

    I want ask about jailbreaks for 4.1 on baseband 02.10.05 in what times we can unlock the iPhone

  • iKing

    They must be really working hard on that iphone alarm clock issue

  • Wago

    Chessmate from Apple. 4.2 is soon. But! They make as know that 4.2.1 is ready. So is a problem. They give to as 4.2 but when unlock appease they will release 4.2.1 locked OS.

  • sak500

    I”m surprised with such tight control on it’s IP and resources apple still struggles to release things on time. Kudos to MS for catering to millions of different platforms with different configurations and still delivering pretty good products. Especially windows 7. Apple just develops for it’s own proprietory hardware and can’t even provide proper software on time.

    • Rjb


  • Moe

    Ok but dev team the side that hack area they goes through to jailbreak the iPhone they can’t close it expit the chang the mode like iPhone 5
    The sun should rise one day withe good news

  • SoTiS
  • Huh

    Firstly, i don’t understand half of what some of you are trying to say. If u have something to say, please use simple English.

    Secondly, what the f@$& Apple? How hard is it to release the fix for the alarm bug? It’s a BUG, a fault in your software, it’s supposed to be a SMART phone. I thought the whole point of you being a control freak/dick is so that you can address issue like this promptly. YOU HAVE FAILED!!!

  • still confused , what happening …

  • Marco

    Maybe there implanting some fix that makes a untethered jailbreak hard to apply


  • Kenneth Liew

    Thank you guys, i helped my friend unlocked his 3g yesterday

    1) i hv jailbroken iphone 3gs tethed with FW4.1, can i JB my phone to current FW4.2.1 without being tethed (to restart or reboot fr com)?

    2) i’ve Apple ipsw 4.2.1 downloaded thru itunes, can i use that to JB? or it has to be the 1 provided by dev-team?

    3) apps fr cydia i hv installed in itunes, if i want to update thru my device thru itunes do i still retain my jailbroken apps? could my device locked by doing so?

    Thanks & regards,

  • devynvalentine

    please answer my comment how do I jailbreak a iphone 3g with 4.2.1 software