The official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad was just updated to support native push notifications for @mentions and direct messages. Push notifications can be enabled in a new pane for your account settings.

Push notifications for  the Twitter app (and what was formerly Tweetie) has been a highly desired feature for a very long time. I’m sure we’re all glad that Twitter has finally gotten around to implementing a feature that should have been part of the app when it was first released…

You are given the option to receive notifications from only people you follow, as well as anyone who mentions you. You also get a badge on your Twitter app icon of how many unread notifications you have.

I’ve enabled push notifications in my Twitter app and it has been working great. Mentions are getting pushed quickly and the icon badges are a great addition for keeping track of unread mentions and messages.

Update your Twitter app in the App Store to get push notifications and a few other minor updates. Let us know if you’re having problems with the updated app. Some people have complained that there are some bugs.

I know that some people have kept from using the official Twitter app due to the lack of push notifications. Does this new update make you want to use the app? Do you use a third party push notification service to handle your Twitter mentions already?

  • DRSZ24ss

    It crashes a lot when I have geo-tagging on. It also now goes to twitlonger’s page to see the rest of a tweet, instead of opening it within the app. I’m not very happy with this update.

  • Juan

    After using it all day yesterday, I think I still
    prefer SimplyTweet.

  • I switched to it. Works fine. As good as Boxcar, which I used to handle push notifications from Twitter previously.

  • I say it’s about time. Funny thing is, I’ll probably continue to use Boxcar over Twitter’s own push notifications. I prefer a unified stream of notifications over opening each individual app. For jailbreakers out there: Notified or Notified Pro will also help a little with that, although you’ll need to activate Push Notifications in Twitter for Notified to aggregate it properly.

  • user

    I installed the new version but new push feature not working ,
    os 4.1

  • Tweet push notifications would mean that I wouldn’t spend 5 minutes without my phone beeping.
    I’m not a big push notifications fan in the first place. My ADD is bad enough that I don’t need something else to disrupt what I’m doing.

  • I’m probably the only one upset at the timing of the update. Just bought Simply Tweet last week: $5.99. Funny thing is I only bought if for the push. Then the week after Twitter pushes an update? So practically I spent $6 for push that I just got for free.

    Makes me want entities to give a heads up for major updates. It’s not like it was a bug update. Hell, it was big enough to catch articles all over the internet of.

    Sorry Twitter, but I hate you for this one.

    • Meh, I haven’t updated the official Twitter app but I know that I still like Simply Tweet better for many reasons. $6 though? That’s steep! I didn’t remember this app being costing that much.

      • Yeah…I think once you get used to an app that suits your needs you find it hard to make another your primary. That is the deal with me. Correction on the Simply Tweet app pricing. It’s $4.99. Still pretty steep…