One of my Twitter buddies sent me a screenshot of an error he is currently getting on his iPhone when trying to download a certain application from the App Store. Every time he tries to download VLC, his iPhone tells him that this application is not compatible and that he needs to update his iPhone to iOS 3.2.

Obviously the strange part is there is no such thing as iOS 3.2. There never was and there never will. So why does his iPhone tell him he needs the 3.2 software update?

It’s worth noting that he’s got the first gen iPhone with software 3.1.3. I believe this is a minor bug displayed when an application is not supported by an older firmware. Instead of saying your iPhone requires iOS 4.1, your iPhone asks you to update to firmware 3.2 because it has no idea 4.1 is the newer firmware. Makes sense? I don’t think you’d ever see this on an iPhone 4 for example.

Have you seen this error message before? If so, on what iPhone model?

  • Chris

    the ipad is iOS 3.2

  • There is an iOS 3.2, just not for your friend’s device.

    And your friend needs to upgrade.

    • Fusionclaw

      How do I get it for minecraft world explorer

    • Leo

      Yea but how do u do this for the iPod touch 3g

  • Ill think Otto’s right 😉

  • pn2bade

    It’s the first gen iPhone, he can’t upgrade.

    • Jonathan sambo

      Is strange, whenever I want to download dstv app on my iPhone versio 3.1.3(7e18) it keeps telling me this app require an iPhone 3.2software update, this is killing please help me update 3.2 software.

  • I understand there is an iOS 3.2 but not for the iPhone. iOS 3.2 is iPad only.

    • sometimes applications use 3.2 as a minimum to be compatibel with just iOS 4 and the iPad at the same time.

  • Derick

    i got that same message when trying to install vlc, I’m on a 3gs with 3.1.3

  • Derick

    also got that message trying to install a comcast application

  • StanTheMan

    It must be a glitch that thinks the iphone is a iPad…problem solved. (golf clap)

    • StanTheMan

      Solution… Get an ipad

    • Zelth

      No glitch! The new iOS upgrades are for later models of the iPod Touch. iOS version 3.2 is only for models sporting built in speakers, cameras, etc. So there is no 3.2 release for the 1st generation iPods. You will need to upgrade to a current iPod Touch!

      • Zelth

        That is to say a 3rd or 4th Generation iPod Touch…

  • dj


    i just got the same

    i have a 3g downgraded back to 3.1.3 but with latest firmware 5.14

    BOXCAR threw me the same error from the Itunes store…

    Very Bizarre… i was racking my brains to think what was 3.2 and when was that released…

  • tes test

  • Julie

    Yes, I just got the same error trying do download the Xfinity TV Iphone app.
    I have 3g, 3.1.3.

  • Dougald

    Andrew Steffy is right. If you’re installing into an iPhone you’ll need to upgrade to iOS4. Sucks for the 3G users as iOS4 slows the phone down a lot.

  • BL

    I have an iphone 3GS and it’s giving me the same message when trying to download the Xfinity App. The App reviews show many people saying how good and cool the App is on the iphones and Touches. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Curropt

    Really? Try not jail breaking ur phone and that issuer doesn’t happen

  • chrisdodging

    jailbroken or not, first gen iphones can’t get to 3.2; apple won’t release it to them. honestly if I’m gonna be forced to upgrade my phone to use most of the apps, I’ll probably just switch to something else. maybe something with a file explorer.

    maybe something like android.

  • Matt

    I have the same generation device and got the error message trying to buy this new game trinityblades or something or’s the current number 1 game on the app store that needs the update. Any got any ideas?

  • Julie

    I finally spoke to Xfinity/Comcast re: the error message saying need to upgrade to 3.2.
    They say for 3g,3gs, must upgrade to OS4 or app will not work.
    I’m not willing to upgrade my 3g to OS4 and have a very slow phone.
    I visitied the Apple Store Genius Bar and they actually told me don’t upgrade 3g to OS4 inless I want problems with apps and slow response.

  • Debbs

    Apple tech told me the same about 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 are all crap on the iPhone 3G, i too downgraded to 3.13 and your right about getting the error on jailbroke AND unbroke iPhones. Apple screws up again for early adopters, honestly youd think they could have adapted the software upgrades for original iPhone users better.

  • Archer

    I have a 3GS and get the same message

    • Jonathan sambo

      i have a 3gs iPhone and got same message

  • Ege


  • balls
    i got i too

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  • yeah, i met the same problem too when i use my iPhone 3GS to download ‘Demon Hunter’. But how to update to 3.2 software? Does anybody know?

  • Annie

    I also have this problem, what a pain! Every ap I want now requires I upgrade to 3.2 software. What a joke!
    We should have access to every ap regardless!
    Does anyone know if there is a way around this glitch? I’m not happy apple!

  • shahmir ali

    Please giveme

  • Jonathan sambo

    I have a 3gs iPhone and I am having the same problem too

  • Jonathan sambo

    I have a 3gs iPhone and whenever I try download some app it will require 3.2 software update. Pls help apple

  • Jonathan sambo

    It is painful whenever I want to download some apps they require 3.2software update, what is the problem.

  • Jonathan sambo

    It is painful whenever I want to download apps it require 3.2software update, what is the problem.

  • Jonathan sambo

    me too

  • Jonathan sambo

    it’s discouraging

  • peaches

    Same here for iPhone 3gs. Only had the thing 1 year and it’s obsolete. Other news: workplace switched me to Macbook Pro from Windows. What a pain! Mac is a retarded OS. So user unfriendly, buggy and just lame. Sorry but Windows knows how to make a desktop way more useful.

  • Melanie

    I want to download a QR reader and I keep getting the message to download 3.2 update. Is there such a thing for the 3g phone??? I gather from what has been posted there isn’t. Any help appreciated!!

  • John

    Sucks for Apple that i can download both Kindle and Nook apps onto my 1st Gen iPhone, but not the iBooks app.

  • Kathy

    Yes, just today on my 3G phone. I can’t do 4 because everytime I try it tells me all my files are not transfered to Itunes and I don’t want to lose any. It says I have 2 accounts.

  • Julie

    I called Apple Customer Service. They said they lastest version that will work on the 3G is 4.2.1 and it shouldn’t slow down the phone or apps. Only word of advise was to be sure to backup and synch before updating.
    Haven’t tried it. Don’t think I will. Maybe just wait it out till Iphone 5. Or, could purchase the 3GS with 8gb for $49. Or, just save themy money an be satisfied with my 3g. It does work afterall.

  • Apple munch

    Throw your apples in the trash and buy android. Easy fix

    • MAT

      hey thats not easy as 123., its cost too much.. why dont apple do an upgrade for 1st gen. people dont want waste money.. ok?..

  • Apple munch

    Apple is trash get android

  • Apple munch

    Apple is trash. Droid ftw.

  • Pauly

    Apple has the best computers and phones. Maybe if you would not worry so much about games and see what type of intelligent work you can do on your phone and a Mac you would change your mind. I have never had a problem with my Mac or iPhone and there definitely is no blue screen of death and all that other bull you have to put up with when you use a pc, go ahead and try to use new apps on and old pc and see what happens. I have been using computers since 1988 switched to Mac in 2003 and will never go back to a pc or any other phone thank you very much.

  • Pauly – you are ignorant and out of touch. It is not just games that are affected by this for starters! It is a major problem that apps are saying they need iOS 3.2 or above when it is a known fact that iOS 3.1.3 is the best version of iPhones prior to the iPhone 4. Also Apple are more evil and insidious and anti-competitive than Micro$oft ever were!

  • Pauly – you are ignorant and out of touch. It is not just games that are affected by this for starters! It is a major problem that apps are saying they need iOS 3.2 or above when it is a known fact that iOS 3.1.3 is the best version of iOS for iPhones and iPod Touches prior to the iPhone 4. Also Apple are more evil and insidious and anti-competitive than Micro$oft ever were!

  • Ihate this

    Oh my balzack this happened to me too…..
    I figured I’d add another one of these lame comments. How about a fix computer weiners, yeah I called you a weiner!!

  • Zach

    It shows me that message when I try to install touch grind bmx. how do I get the 3.2 update for my iPod touch?

  • Bev Colson

    chesterdog says

    I have just tried to install some new software from Mobil VOIP (Finarea SA) whic would allow me to use “” a well established VOIP provider I have used for nearly 10 years. I got the message to upday v3.2 on the iphone.
    I am currently am running v 3.1.2 (7D11) whatever that means
    Model MB757Y
    Series 8784405HY7HProvider Movistar Spain

    From all I read above it appears the only solution is to upgarde the iPHONE which as my compatriots in England would say is “very naughty to put it mildly” I could be extremeley rude

    I admire Apple’s marketing stratergies although it usualy means something is going to cost your more than any other brand!

    However to not enable anyone to upgrade software they have possible paid for is outrangeous.

    Another point that annoys me and has nothing to do with upgrades is that if you want to use

    DATA ROAMING outside Spain I am charged 1o Euros a day regardless of the usage (300 Uros per month) Crazy

    meanwhile I can take my Blackberry anywhere in the world for a Flat unlimeted charge of Euros 30 per month for Internet & emails which is I believe very cheap. You don’t even hve to sign a contract I ask movistar to switch the service when I leave Spain & off when I return

    If anybody knows a way round v 3.2 would welcome it

  • sham

    while am trying to download mobile voip on my iphone 3g. i received the same error. can any one help how to sort this issue. please please mail me in details to