Do you hate badges so much that you wish they were gone forever? That sounds a little extreme, but if that’s what you’re into, then there is now a new mod on Cydia that will do exactly what you’re looking for.

In the same way No Folder Badges removed badges from your iPhone folders, No Badges, a new jailbreak tweak by Chpwn will remove the badges from your homescreen apps. That’s all the app does and from what I can tell it does it well…

I’m not sure why anyone would want to remove the badges from their homescreen apps, but I’m sure there are valid reasons for that.

No Badges is available for free in Cydia. Is that something you’d find useful? Why?

  • brent

    Can it remove badges per app, or is it all or nothing?

  • its all of them; it auto does it. I got this morning, for once i got it before a review was done!…lol

    WOrks great. Especially good since using folders, i got ocd about clearing out my Facebook and FML badges, i didnt need to know there was new messages. I can check myself. Even more handy when i have apps from certain sources, and there may not yet be an update; i got tired of seeing the badge (yeh, yeh…buy it, lol), but DIDNT want to. So, this keeps my screen clear.

  • I wonder if it wouldn’t be better if there was an option to let you choose apps you want to remove badges from. ie. I want to remove badges from the but I want to see badges from my facebook app. What do you think?

    • brent

      Exactly. It would be useful to me that way.

    • Well, i get notifications via SMS for facebook already, so if those come in i can check the app and browse to where i need to be. Works fine that way, for me.

  • Burge

    You’ve gone over this no badge tweak before..Iam sure of it .. Had something to do with satus notify and someone on here said use metadata remover

    • We might have talked about the topic but this app is brand new so we couldn’t have possibly talked about it before.

      • Burge

        It just sounds so familial .. I must of used that flux Capacitor app..what year is this ?

      • LMAO you’re back in 2010. Be careful with the Flux Capacitor app, it will mess you up big time 😉

  • I always wanted to know if there’s a way to modify the badge numbers. There must be a way because a friend of mine sent me a screen shot of his phone and he had somewhere around 260+ SMS text messages. It is highly unlikely he had that many text messages so Im thinking theres an app that lets you customize that (for prank purposes I assume) or he simply Photoshopped it.

  • Cristian

    So many people are making mods for things you can already do in iOS. Just go to Settings>Notifications> and pick whichever apps you want and turn badges off. It’s not that hard

    • Omakad

      I was Just gonna say. I’m suprissed that no one knew.

      • CJ

        Not every app is available to customize badge this way. For example, I don’t want missed calls badges nor my text messages badges. I don’t think you can set notification for those apps via Settings>Notification

    • this is more so for the Update notifications. Thats the only reason i got it, myself.

    • Paco

      Not true… My friends with words badges won’t go away even after I went into settings and turned them all off what do I do???

  • Cristian

    It’s so easy, even a caveman, err…noob, could do it

  • Z

    I’m sure some users of notified or other notification system will find this useful.

    As stated earlier, notifications can be modified in settings (find your app towards the bottom), settings->notifications, and some applications have built in push notifications options, like Facebook. It is more than enough for me to personalize what notifications I want to see and how I want to be notified.

  • abdul latheef

    sr i want normal videiocall from iphone4 to other mobile