If you go to Apple.com right now, you will be greeted with the image above. What can it be? Well, the rumors have been running around for a while that Apple is preparing a cloud version of iTunes which would allow you to stream your iTunes music from anywhere.

Apple spent 1 billion dollars in a top-of-the-art data center so it’s about time they get some return on investment for this. But again, with Apple you never really know what to expect…

The event will start at 7am PST, or 10am EST. What do you think Apple is going to unveil?

  • wasim

    its iphone 4 white n ios 4.2

  • MFCH

    Monthly pass for unlimited streams/downloads?

  • MFCH

    If they announce a verizon phone before 4.2 comes out I’m gonna lose it

  • Idts

    Full refunds to anyone that has/had a problem with an i4, plus free service for life!! Yeah, and then I woke up from a great dream.

  • Tony

    Apple + microsoft merge.

  • My guess is they are announcing the pink iphone4.

    • Do you mean the pink iPhone 5G?

      • Kingz

        Hey Seb, do you know where to purchase the iphone vapor cases for cheap? They retail like 100+ each everywhere i check.

      • Look it up on eBay. I’m not sure you can find them anywhere else but on the official website though

  • Mitch

    iTunes guys… not iPhone. Most likely gonna be related to the iTunes software, or the music store. Guessing either a complete UI overhaul, maybe streaming/cloud service. Vastly extended range in music/video store, or a different pricing model?

  • Andres-Dev Team

    iPad for everybody !! Or white iPhone for the jailbreakers

  • iTunes update? Probably something to help try and push Ping on us more heavily or better integrated into iTunes. iTunes cloud would be killer. My photos and music are the only things I still have to backup on physical hard drives because of the volume of disk space.

  • Andres-Dev Team

    4.2 version w 4G network

  • SillyBear

    If you go on the website you’ll notice that it’s clearly related to an iTunes update. Stop guessing that it’s the verizon announcement or iOS 4.2.

    My guess is cloud/streaming services which is a big announcement considering the implications.

  • Birdieman

    I agree with SillyBear, it is Cloud Service since the Apple China website did not change on their front page, as this service is only for adequate bandwidth countries.

  • Vik071

    I think they will announce something that will make them richer and us poorer…

  • Ben

    My guess would be
    Cloud Service & wireless synching

  • Z

    Wifi sync with itunes

  • Twited21

    I tunes with facetime support for windows
    And free iPhones for all lol

  • Ken

    Whack fest 6… Porn via iTunes.

  • MFCH

    Apple set to announce that Beatles catalogue will be sold on iTunes – Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/cSOp6t

  • William

    possibility 1: iTune wireless sync;
    possibility 2: Ping + Facebook integration
    possibility 3: Mac App Store
    possibility 4: iOS 4.2

  • Bill

    i wish is 4.2.. lol.. tat way the unlock can be this sunday.. lol