Do you hate how your iPhone leaves app icons in the multitasking bar even though they aren’t running anymore? How about when you have to go through that tedious process to exit an app; click the home button twice, tap and hold an icon in the multitasking bar, wait for it to jiggle, and then click that tiny red delete button to quit.

Luckily, there are other people that feel the same way. MultiCleaner is a jailbreak app that relieves the cumbersomeness of managing your multitasking apps. In fact, the app’s tagline is quite simple, “Because iOS 4 multitasking sucks…”

MultiCleaner fixes some annoying issues with the way iOS handles multitasking app management. The app quite literally cleans up your multitasking bar so that it displays only the processes that are actually still running. For whatever reason, iOS shows way more icons in the multitasking bar by default than need should have it.

I don’t need to see the app that I opened two days ago that isn’t running anymore. I only want to see the apps that are currently running in the background. MultiCleaner makes that want a reality. MultiCleaner also allows you to effectively quit an app without having to kill the process manually in the multitasking bar.

No matter what app you’re in, you can hold the home button for a couple of seconds and you are given an option to permanently quit the app with the tap of a finger. This function works like an Activator shortcut.

You can customize your MultiCleaner experience on an app-by-app basis in a very comprehensive settings pane.

Each app you manually add to MultiCleaner can be managed in its own specific way. You decide. Managing the way an app behaves in the multitasking bar, creating specific quit shortcuts,  and editing white and black lists of apps are just some things that you can do with MultiCleaner.

I highly recommend this multitasking add-on. There are other multitasking alternatives out there, like Multifl0w, but MultiCleaner brings some features to the table that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Pick MultiCleaner up for only $0.99 in the Cydia store.

What do you think? Do you, or will you, use MultiCleaner?

  • Burge

    Or just use removeBG , with that theres the option so keep apps running in the background all the time ( you choose which apps ) or you can kill apps with a activator user defined setup. And it’s FREE

    • Z

      MultiCleaner was also free just about a week ago

  • Future90

    Ditto on that. I have removeBG set up to clear apps in the tray with a simple shake at the home screen, but I made exceptions for SMS and the iPod app since I’m always using those.

  • Godri

    I tried it … it was kind of confusing in the settings …and backgrounder does the same i.e. when u want to quit an app u hold the home button a few seconds longer and it quits without backgrounding. Good that i often try the cracked version b4 buying it …

  • james016

    I use RemoveRecents which is a jailbreak tweak. With that, when you exit an app that is not multi-tasking, it is not shown in the dock at all. A bit like this app but it does it automatically rather than having to use a guesture or button. It’s the perfect companion to RemoveBG

    • Z

      @James I used it as well along with RemoveBG. However, I found RemoveRecents to be a little inaccurate. There are a few ways iOS 4 apps can run in the background, I only know of 4. RemoveRecents would let apps to the switcher that are running in the background as a process, it would remove all apps that use any other backgrounding method. IMO, it was a little too much cleaning up.

  • GT

    I just disabled multitasking on my iPhone4, no real need to have it in the first place. The iPhone 4 has plenty of power to open and run apps very fast, so maybe it takes 1 second longer to load, oh well. Battery performance is much better now 🙂

  • Agreed with those above – Remove Background w/ SBSettings toggle is more prefered.

  • Agreed with those above – Remove Background w/ SBSettings toggle is more effective.

  • jb

    removeBG. It’s simple, free and gets the job done!

  • rainrose

    removeBG way better!!! and yes, it’s Free!!!

  • Z

    RemoveBG does not quit all apps. iPod and Pandora need to be closed manually. It does not remove background processes like iAd sheet. I also notice a gradual memory loss, which also indicates that RemoveBG doesn’t remove everything.
    However, what I do like about RemoveBG is that it quits all open apps apart from the currently open one.

    • Gabe

      What are you speaking of? RemoveBG works great. It definitely does quite iPod, and Pandora. I tried several times, and it does quit the app, execption when you are playing music from the app. No point in paying 99cents when there’s a perfectly good Cydia app called RemoveBackgroung, with SBSettings toggle too! Foolish writer.

      • Burge

        Before you say stuff at anyone , how do you know that this does not happen on Z’s iPhone ? . It might not do it on yours but thats your iPhone and not his .

      • Z

        @Gabe There was a good point brought by Burge. And Gabe, you said it yourself, if the music is playing, RemoveBackground does not quit iPod and pandora. After stopping the music played on the iPod, try using RemoveBackground, then check your processes in SBSettings and tell me if RemoveBackground removes it from processes.

        Besides that, have you even tried MultiCleaner? I assume you have since you are so convinced that the writer is stupid to even “waste” his time writing about it. Well, let me say that imo, your arrogance is a waste of iDB readers’ time.

  • luis

    i use removeBackground to eliminate background apps that are running, and i use the pinch out command from activator to activate it from the home screen section, in the past i activated it with a sbsettings ‘remove’ icon but it was bugged for 4.0/.1 so i implemented the pinch out for a while

  • Gorgonphone

    (3Gs) I use native IOS4 multitasking with Switcher Mod with Multi flow and RemoveBackground in SBsettings!!.. I have switcher mod set to make “recently used / non backgrounding apps transparent” cause in many cases i want to quickly reopen an app over and over with out have to search for it.. I have the “remove app from doc/quit individual” set up as pres-hold-slide up..

    i dont use “backgrounder app” because it forces apps to background in “full state” which is heavy on ram and battery and not neccessary 99% of the time in my case..

    • Z

      Same here, only add SwitcherPlus to that. However, MultiCleaner is so tempting to be given a shot, cuz it has most of the features SwitcherMod has and some of the SwitcherPlus all in one. Just can’t get my hands on it – I presume I’d need to remove SwitcherMod and SwitcherPlus prior installation of MultiCleaner.

  • Godri

    I got bugged up with the native so called multi tasking so i disabled it with My iOS.
    Now i am using Multifl0w with backgrounder. I am kinda liking it. The only draw back so far is i could not find a kill switch for all the open apps so i have to close all manually . But there is a huge gain CYDIA BACKGROUNDING. Tada !!! . Try it guys u ll love it .
    And by any case if u find a kill switch pls tell me also.

  • Z

    So I finally decided to give MultiCleaner a go. What encouraged me was the recent update for Five Icon Switcher adding support for iOS 4.2 that has entirely messed up my switcher. I thought I was doomed.
    The combination for my switcher apps/tweaks consisted of Five Icon Switcher (removed until further update), SwitcherPlus (removed and really was a great app, debating on installing back for lockscreen switcher), SwitcherMod (removed, really liked the dimming of inactive apps in the switcher), Remove Recents (removed, it kept my switcher clean for a while) and I used RemoveBackground with SBS Toggle for a complete swipe of my switcher.

    After installing MultiClean it took me a little while to play with it and set it up to my preferences, as someone has already mentioned it’s relatively confusing as there is no complete documentation to it, but I was satisfied with the final result.

    MultiCleaner took personalization of the switcher to the next level. Not only has it replaced me RemoveBackground, SBS Toggle for it (MultiCleaner came with its own toggle), SwitcherMod and Remove Recents completely, and the only thing it did not replace is the lockscreen switcher of SwitcherPlus. However, MultiClean goes further than that, from personalizing how you want each app to react separately, to setting up favorites or even disabling the wiggling mode of the icons in the switcher and more. And by ‘more’ I really mean more.

    The developer deserves what he asks for the app. I really hope lockscreen switcher will be an added option in the next update. RECOMMENDED!

  • Z

    Completely forgot to say that MultiCleaner works well with SwitcherPlus.