iOS 4.2 is like the white iPhone 4. There are rumors about it, it’s supposed to come out any time, but for some reason, it’s never released. The rumors have gone wild lately about when iOS 4.2 will be released, and I haven’t reported much of it here at iDB because to be honest with you, I think all these rumors were full of crap.

This being said, the new rumor coming from the Telegraph might be as reliable as a 1991 Ford Tempo, but I’d like to give it a chance and see what you guys think about it. According to the UK newspaper, iOS 4.2 will be released on November 27…

The iOS 4.2 software update had been expected today, but Apple has delayed it release until Nov 24, a reliable source has told the Telegraph. […] It is unclear what could have caused the delay, though there have been reports from some developers testing the gold master build of the software that there is a bug in the code that has caused Wi-Fi connection problems.

As usual in those cases, the intel comes from “a reliable source”. As far as I know, this “reliable source” could be the cousin of the brother of the ex girlfriend of the guy who fixes my car. Who knows how reliable this source can be?

At any rates, here you have the latest rumor about iOS 4.2. Let’s make up our own rumors, shall we?

  • I heard it’s due out at 4:20pm PST today. =)

  • Lewser

    I believe the history of all the Apple postponements are all calculated ploys by Apple. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an apple fanatic and i read Apple related news religiously, but you know that the Apple Corporation loves the buzz they get around the internet when push-backs occur. They know it keeps people interested in their OS devices. I myself fall victim to the never ending update rumors at times. EX: Waking up this morning expecting to update to 4.2 and being let down again. Then reading it might be the 16th…then the 27th…….then the………. damn those rumors!

  • burge

    ive heard that the the problem is todo with the ipad, and the update is due tuesday …
    on the other hand ,ive been told its been delayed so the iphone 5 comes out a month later than planed..

  • aakatbi

    rumors rumors rumors rumors rumors rumors….. com on….

    When can I unlock my iphone 4 Baseband:02.10.04 please??? :(((

    • Burge

      After 4.2 comes out ..some time before Xmas

    • Yboy403

      What is it with you people? Do you see the word unlock anywhere in this article?

      • Julien

        I’m waiting the ios 4.2 only to have the unlock of my iphone 4.1
        Is there a way they could release the unlock of bb 2.10.04 before the ios 4.2??

      • Burge

        No cause apple will patch it.. This post is not about unlock’s about 4.2 and when will it be out..or not

      • drublic

        The unlock argument comes because a lot of people (me included) are waiting for the iOS 4.2 update so that finally the Dev Team release the unlock, that’s why every news about iOS 4.2 has everything to do with the unlock subject.

      • Burge

        But we need 4.2 first..not when will unlock be out

  • Zerotee

    Yeah, What you been smoking, Man?

  • geo

    no thats not the right reason for the delayed release. the reason it is not out yet is, they got a hold of the green-poison source codes and they have been examining them and incorporating heavy defenses for future JB’s. they have also brought GeoHot on for an undisclosed $amount$ to do performance and security testing. He has explained to them the way to crash the cydia store, for anyone with the new updates. there plan is to release 4.2 with a back door so as soon as cydia is installed and running it will send your info to apple and brick you Iphone. they have figured out how to make it work on all phones except for 2g & 3g. they will be releasing it ass soon ass all the bugs have been worked IN. True Story

    • Burge

      Lmao..very good..

    • Good one!

      • Z

        LoL that’s what I’m talking about! Go Apple! LOL

    • MALdito

      Dude! Thats frikkin’ scary!
      But no, seriously, it’s scary (I just cringed a little)…

  • 4.2 is out!!!! go check for update in itunes nw

    lol , hows that for a rumor

  • Mangler man joe

    The reliable source is the monster under my bed

  • James

    Vicious circle.

    10 People want new firmware.
    20 People install new firmware despite warnings
    30 people demand new jailbreak because of lines 10 and 20
    40 go to line 10

  • Ian

    Endgadget is reporting that Apple has delayed the expected iOS 4.2 rollout until after the weekend, citing WiFi issues as the culprit.

    Though I’ve not had a lot of time to test the 4.2 GM seed, I haven’t noticed any issues on my end. The only report is that users cannot use WiFi on affected devices, and there was no mention whether it was specific to the 3G or Wi-Fi version/s.

    The good news is that as expected, the new Mac OS X and iTunes updates have been released, so you’ll have time to play with them before updating your iPhone’s OS. The only real change is the AirPlay and AirPrint support, both of which make our lives easier, but don’t really excite me that much. These are features that should have been implemented long ago.

    To be honest, considering you have to buy AirPlay “supported” speakers for these features to work, I find this update to be more of a frustration than anything else. Yes, multitasking support for the iPad is great, and yes, selling ads on my iPad apps is great, but I’m not in the mood to furnish my home stereo setup with Apple products.

    What’s your take?

  • Haha u guys r idiots my dad works on the itunes shit n he said it will b realease tomorrow

  • Adrian

    haha… ya.. my uncle beside my house, his son in law grandmother work as a cleaner at apple. she says it already released yesterday

  • Hahah nice try son….

  • Apple

    Hello… I am Apple….cant wait for my new hot an sexy ios 4.2? Wait for it as steve jobs is giving me a very ‘hand’y job at the moment..

    Haha how about that as a rumor?0

  • SRUm1sh

    It takes at least a month of testing by developers before a new major upgrade to the iOS is released. This is indicative of the iOS 4.2 releasing sometime in January 2011 which will ship on all iPhone 5 as standard. Also, the iOS 4.2 will include strict walls to prevent jailbreaking in the near future. Recently GreenP0ison source code was made public, and Apple now wants to patch-up 4.2 so it cannot be jailbroken. Apple is a software company, and are not fools. So, never upgrade to iOS 4.2 in January 2011 as you may be stuck without a jailbreak and unlock for life.

  • ziYAD

    will apple release ios 4.2 on 24th