Last week we gave you a quick preview of a page on the new Cydia. At the time, Chpwn, who’s working with Saurik to update Cydia, said that this was all he had done so far. That wasn’t much and to be honest, it was kinda disappointing.

The good folks at Redmond Pie found out on Twitter that Cydia might now be ready for iOS 4.2. According to a tweet from Chpwn, Cydia for iOS 4.2 is “in ready position”…

Due to many changes in iOS 4.2, Cydia had to be updated. Hopefully, not only the backbone of Cydia will be updated, but it will also receive a long-overdue facelift.


  • Shrike1978

    “Hopefully, not only the backbone of Cydia will be updated, but it will also receive a long-overdue facelift”

    Really hope not. I know I’m in the minority, but I like Cydia and I found the user experience of Rock to be completely atrocious. They need to focus under the hood and make speed, stability, and functionality gains where they can.

  • I agree with Shrike1978 in that Rock was atrocious! – That said, Cydia looks a bit dated now. If the speed of Cydia improves then it’s a bonus but I think a lot of people need to appreciate that they’re getting Jailbreak for free, apps for free, (and the opportunity to pirate apps if you’re that way inclined).

    So whatever they do, I’ll be pleased with it 🙂

  • dk

    But what abt the inclusion of hackolous in new cydia…

    • Burge

      Cydia is not about installing a cracked app repo.. Jay freeman does not keep cydia going and working on all iOS so these repos can rip of paid apps. Or don’t you know that ! ( before any of you say anything I know I know )

      • Z


      • Stop crying

        Stop being such a fag ! No need to be a iphone nazi , you should of worked for apple ! Bitch

  • You can still add repos…

    • Andres

      Guyss back news apple fund a big problem in the IPad and they apparently decided to delay the release of iOS 4.2 to fix the bug.

  • Takean

    I just wish there was a rating system like in rock. I liked being able to find the most popular choices. In Cydia sometimes it feels like I fell into a haystack looking for a needle 🙁

  • Liam

    Hurry up 4.2 🙁