Backflip Studios (Paper Toss and Ragdoll Blaster) has done it again and created a amazing free game called Ninjump. This is a survival action game in which you run up against 2 sides of a building, achieving power-ups while dodging and avoiding obstacles.

Your goal is to not die and obtain the highest score possible. For those familiar with survival games than you should feel familiar with the concept, if not then I just explained it to you…

Ninjump takes a different approach for obtaining power-ups or bonuses. Instead of just coming across them, you have to actually achieve them. What I mean is that there are 3 things that are bent on making you fall to your death, Birds, Squirrels, and other Ninjas. While jumping from one side to another, if you are able to kill or hit 3 of those things in a row then you are given a power up. These power-ups allow you to transform into 4 forms of super ninjas (are there anymore? My max score was only 6814).

Another bonus is a bubble, which essentially gives you an extra life. This bubble forms this circular blue aura around you protecting you against the forces of nature. These are placed randomly in the map, so good luck getting them!

The graphics in this game are superb! When achieving a power-up, the animations are explosive as you fly or jump up the side of the building. The 3D moving background, effects and sound are well designed and makes me wonder how I could get such a great app for the price of nothing!

This game will really test your instincts and most of all your reflexes! I look forward to hearing your scores. Hopefully you won’t beat mine 😉

  • Tony

    Thanks for the review. Not a bad game. I only got 6295…. So far.

    I enjoy these type of games. Try also Mega Jump. This game uses open feint so anyone feel free to add me on there as toe knee g or on gamecenter as toeknee g. Too bad there aren’t any achievements for this game.

    Oh, and if you want a free open feint game everyday, check out Game Spotlight.

  • Beakhand

    Got 14000 and change nothing more if u included the rockets would be a little Better if everytime u got a bubble would give u an extra man

  • Srinivas

    10239 my best score so far 😉

  • My high score is 8245. I am playing hard to beat my friends high score of 11k:)

  • Rick James

    This game is the shit I love it my high score is 19207.

  • orlando

    My score so far is 199935 I’m trieng to beat the world highscore

  • jehboy