I love non-distracting wallpapers. Both on the iPhone and desktop, I like my wallpaper to not overwhelm my focus every time I look at it. I’m always looking for simple, pretty wallpapers that I can use on all of my devices.

Recently, I stumbled on Hector Simpson’s “Redefined Desktop Collection.” This free wallpaper pack consists of three different designs for multiple desktop resolutions and the iPhone…

“Wood”, “Dark”, and “Light” are available for download at a range of resolutions and with multiple, slight variants. Both retina display and regular resolutions are available for all iOS devices.

Hector’s site is just as clean and beautiful as his wallpapers. I like the idea of having matching wallpapers on all of my devices. I’m currently rocking the “Wood” wallpaper on my MacBookPro and iPhone.

Head over to Hector’s site and download these pretty wallpapers.

Do you like simple wallpapers like these? Which one is your favorite?

  • TotallyBrit

    Clean wallpapers are the best – I hate jumbled up wallpapers, ones like the above brings the best out of the iPhone 4 retina display.

    Thanks for the share.

  • AppleBits

    Wooow. Went to the dude’s website, and Norton AV brings up this: http://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=cl.ly
    Says there are 2 trojans in there. 🙁

  • @AppleBits I can assure you that the site is clean.

    • Z

      But it’s still not a good image for the site

  • I’ve accessed the site on multiple computers running three different operating systems and and two different kinds of antivirus programs. Google also confirms that the site is clean.

    I would recommend AppleBits scan his computer to make sure his computer doesn’t have the trojans. Sometimes those warning screens can be misleading in their message.

  • Now that I’ve checked, the site that you linked to (AppleBits) is not even the link that I have in this article. It is a CloudApp URL scheme. I have no clue where you got that link but it is not associated with this post.

    • AppleBits

      @ Alex – I opened the link you provided “Head over to Hector’s site and download these pretty wallpapers.” in your article. That took me to the website with the 3 wallpapers, and with each, the option to choose which one to download based on my iDevice. I clicked on the iP4 for the wood design. That took me to the blocked (by my Norton) site. I then followed the Norton link to find out more, and it gave me this:
      Threat Report

      Total threats found: 2

      Small-whitebg-red Viruses (what’s this?)

      Threats found: 2
      Here is a complete list: (for more information about a specific threat, click on the Threat Name below)
      Threat Name: Trojan.ADH
      Location: http://f.cl.ly/items/11fa1acad5b72b9743ff/keygen.exe

      Threat Name: Trojan.ADH
      Location: http://f.cl.ly/items/165b6f9cdddaec26940f/keygen.exe

      My system is not infected. I take many precautions. Including avoiding things that MAY be harmful. I in no way am confirming there is truly any issues with the wallpaper site. I’m only telling you what Norton pops up. That’s all. Maybe the wallpaper creator might want to visit with Norton. They are awesome looking, and I’d love to get them.

      • Hey guys, noticed the conversation and thought I’d reply!

        @applebits – cl.ly is a file hosting website, there are millions of files up there on urls – it looks as though norton is flagging up 2 keygens posted by others on separate short urls. There’s no cause for concern downloading the files I’ve posted on the service though, they’re completely separate.

        @alex – thanks a lot for the writeup and links! Great to hear people like them.