This article is the first of a series of quick tips that will be especially helpful to iPhone beginners. In this series, we’ll go over some iPhone basics to make sure our new fellow iPhone owners get the best out of their device. Today, our quick tip is about being able to have Internet access while flying.

Many airlines now offer in-flight wifi, which is a great way to kill time during a long flight. When boarding an airplane with a phone, you are required to either turn it off or activate the airplane mode, which basically turns off the iPhone cellular, wifi, bluetooh, and GPS to avoid interfering with the aircraft.

But did you know you can still enjoy Internet access while still on airplane mode?

To do so, just make sure airplane mode is ON, then go to Settings > Wi-Fi > and turn wifi ON.

That’s it. You’ll still be in compliance with airline regulations, and you’ll have Internet access on your iPhone.

  • Pittlife

    Great tip, thanks.

  • Juan NavaRogel

    Great tip. Not just for flying access, you convert the iPhone in a iPod touch. Thanks.

  • SBSettings speeds up the day once again.

  • TotallyBrit

    Ok how do turn Airplane mode to ON?
    You should’ve included that in this little valuable tip 😉

    • Eric

      It’s the VERY FIRST thing you see when you open settings. At hhw VERY TOP. Does he need to tell you how to turn it in?

    • Tony

      Have you never opened up “settings”? Just open it and it’s at the top.

  • TotallyBrit

    @Tony & @Eric – Hook, Bait…..

    Need I say fell for that one 😉

  • kam

    Never thot some1 will post such a basic fact.. and never thot people will still be unaware of this simple thing 🙂

    • TotallyBrit


      I had this same encounter at the blog – be appreciative with the fact that this blog is putting the most basic of tips out there. Over 10+ million iPhones sold, with the amount of new adopters, ( from hand me downs, to buying second hand) there’s always someone ompletely new to the world of Apple OS.

      MAYBE – a big possibility that a newbie knows how to switch these on/off. But does everybody knows even with airplane mode OFF, you can still use Wireless?

      We all learnt to crawl before we could walk – Stop assuming everybody will pick up an iPhone and know ‘Everything’: ASS-U-ME.

  • TotallyBrit

    Oh and @kam – I never ‘thot’ someone won’t be able to spell ‘thought’ properly by now 😉

  • Or you could just turn off the phone toggle in sbsettings…. does the same thing

    • Sure but this requires a jailbreak…

  • appletiser

    nice tip but switching off celular data and only using wifi is one I’ve been using for months, usually tweaked via SBS (:

  • Pete

    In case you’ll need more basic tips and hints, check the free iCademy app! Nice graphics and plenty tips..