Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Thanks to a little add-on called the Stun Fone, you can now turn your iPhone into a stun gun. How real is this? I have no idea, but to be honest with you, I don’t have much faith in the trustworthiness of it.

I came across the Stun Fone via TUAW, and these peeps are on the fence too. Check out the video below and tell us what you think…

The Stun Fone sells for $25 on their “official website”, which is currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of traffic.

Real or fake?

  • Looks like a joke, but still pretty funny video.

  • Eugenius

    KUMAR! from harold and kumar. fake .

  • it’s fake, but it’s funny

  • It’s probably fake, but funny nevertheless.

    Still, it would be possible to put the necessary hardware into something that size. You don’t need an epic battery to create a stun device. You can create one out of a disposable camera, after all.

  • w2u

    looked real to me … it actually looks quite simple … technically extremely possible, and if they are actually selling this, its more likely that its true …

  • Felix

    Roflmao at the cheating boyfriend. Look at the facial expression by the bystanders.

  • LOL I can’t believe there are people that actually think this is true xD

    • soccerkrzy

      Learn basic electrical properties and you would know you can easily convert 5V to the 100,000V in the stun gun. There will be no current involved, it’s simply a zap.

  • Ahaha

    Part wit master Kim was the best!!!

  • Dracossaint

    A copple notes first let’s see first off would need an app to activate as well I seriously doubt anyone would want to back this product (apple would say he’ll no because they have shown that volume button being used like a via activator ex : ,as well battery destroyer maybe[think it’s spitting out “90,000” volts ?? So cydia may even be like mehhh .second it would be like putting on just a battery pack [not very sturdy] as well it gose on 3G ,3GS ,iPhone 4,but not the itouches ) I mean come on he’s laughing his ass off ,lmao funny shi though (maybe real product but crap as oh fudge my phone

  • user

    its possible.. cause 4.5 volts can be amplify into 1.5k volts or more, just like the insect stunner.. tzzzzzz

  • stunman

    If I were to designer a stunner like that, I would simply provide its own power cell and activation button. Do you seriously expect people to walk around with the gadget attached to their phone?

  • Bruce McIntosh

    Just take a look at the company address (5757 Wilshire, LA) in Street View! There’s an armoured car out front (to take your hard-earned cash) and it’s near a Bank of America (where they deposit you dutifully paid stupidity tax), and it’s almost next door to the Screen Actor Guild (which is where they got the people in the vid. Buy golly they used a mighty fine camera to make that clip.

    OR, you could just actually look at the website and fine out that it’s a gag promo for “Stun Marketing.”

    Oh, and by the way, Dracossaint, get a library card. You’re almost unintelligible.

  • LOL!!! The video makes me laughing but the product makes me interested! A stun gun disguised to a cellphone…So amazing thing!