No doubt the iPhone is a great gaming device, however, one big problem I have with it is when playing games that require heavy use of the touchscreen. Like Street Fighter IV for example.

Because you can’t feel the buttons, you sometimes miss the button you want to hit, causing you to lose for the 5th time in a row against M. Bison. No more of that, thanks to those stick-on buttons that will turn your iPhone into a better game pad…

Just like a screen protector, the Tactile+ will stick to your iPhone screen. The little raised nubs will then allow you to feel where the buttons are located, preventing your fingers to accidentally wander off.

Selling at about $8 for a set of 2, you will have to be fluent in Japanese to order them. I think they’re a great invention and I could probably see myself using them. You?

[Oh Gizmo]

  • James

    Interesting. Maybe good for die hard gamers on a i-touch, but for the phone for a lot of people I see them getting in the way. I do a lot of pinch and pull on the web and they will eat up much of the screens real estate. Plus and maybe more important, how can I play angry birds around those?? 🙂

  • Z

    I would consider it better for an iPad, but if they were removable. Would you really want to have some bumps on your iPhone permanently?

  • bc

    I’m guessing they are like decals…easily put on and removed. It wouldn’t make sense to not have them removable. You’d have to be able to rearrange them when you change games (different “button” locations) and you’d have to be able to use the touch screen as usual when you’re not gaming.

  • Z

    I wouldn’t know – don’t speak Japanese. The only Japanese word I know is ‘Hun-ichiwa (honichiwa)”, and I made it up to call my wife =)

  • “Tactile Plus is a set of sticky little knobs that can be applied the same way a protective screen cover would. The Tactile Plus are basically transparent appliqués that are applied to either side of the iPhone and iPod Touch and work as the same sort of push buttons and controller pad that some people miss when talking about the game console versions.

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