Chronic Dev Team has decided to make their GreenPois0n jailbreak available to the general public by revealing its source code. If you feel like you can make GreenPois0n better, faster, prettier, well, now you can.

Simply download the source code from github and start working on it.

[via Chpwn]

  • Z

    I do feel like I can “get make”, I also believe I can fly =)

    • Alright smarty pants, I fixed it 😉

      • Z


        BTW, MultiCleaner has been mentioned earlier in the ‘apps to check out over the weekend’ very briefly. The developer has been updating the app regularly with newer and newer features that replace both SwitcherPlus and SwitcherMod slowly, and offers much more modifications to the end user. I thought some readers might be interested in reading a review or so.

  • barista101

    tell me how basti….you’re the man!!!

  • can run for itouch software ?free?

  • how download iphone software?

  • want want to try

  • Bino

    Were do i upload my code. I have made greenpoison available for all devices and a special unlock tool i made from scratch. Also i made it get into dfu mode all by itself without the need to do it yourself. Pretty sweet

    • Camo_guy25

      How do u make it go into dfu mode by itself. Please let me know because that is the problem that I am having with using green poison

  • Bino

    Well ill send u the program but another way is by usimg ssh or an ipod inserter program putting in root files that when u run with cmd through ur computer it will actually put it into dfu mode without u doing anything. Alot of articles online.