The same guys who recently brought us the FaceTime Haktivator app for jailbroken iPhones are back at it, this time with an app called FaceIt-3GS, which lets you have FaceTime on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS.

FaceIt-3GS is still in development as the developers are working the bugs out was just released in Cydia and the video below shows it working well. As you can see, it’s not possible yet to use the camera of the iPhone 3GS but I assume it’s just a matter of time until they figure out how to plug it in…

You can grab it in Cydia via the iPhone Islam repo: In the meantime, share what you think about FaceIt-3GS. Is it something you would use?

[iSpazio via RP]

  • Aleksander

    Yeeyy!! 😀 too bad i will get an iPhone 4 within 2 weeks….

  • rizo-g

    definitely ….. im even thinking of getting that little gadget called iseeu (google it) and then i can have an overclocked 3gs …… equivalent to my fathers iphone 4

  • Saz


  • 2meu

    Hell yeah although right now I’m using Tango in my 3GS.

  • face3gs

    definitely will use it ~~ thanks.. hopefully can be release soon~

  • Z

    Got 2 words: !Yahoo Messenger

  • Z

    Hey Sebastien, check out from your phone. Anything familiar?

    • It’s a very common template for mobile browsing. I’m actually surprised they haven’t had that before.

      • Z

        Didn’t know it was common. Thought they ripped it off of iDB

  • Orillion

    why would you use facetime on a iphone 3gs ? the one you call would not be able to see you anyway.

    • Just for voice. Besides if one of the 2 has an iPhone 4, the other one would be able to see his face

  • 3gft

    SEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED!! i just check it and downloaded it and managed to use it and of course the rear camera is working for 3GS hahahaha thanks! :))

  • Sean

    It says waiting for activation. I’m on AT&T network.

    • FThelp

      u must connect to WIFI

      • new3GS

        I’m on AT&T network, connected to wifi, when I turn the facetime ON in settings-phone, it says “waiting for activation” any idea why? thanks

      • FThelp

        maybe u can try to install the facetime hacktivator to make it skip for the activation.. just try no promise.

  • asrap

    The toggle for FaceTime doesn’t appear… how? any help?
    already reinstall & reboot few times but still doesn’t appear

    • FThelp

      go to setting instead, and go to phone, on facetime!

      • asrap

        i told u… there’s no facetime toggle in there… no facetime… nothing…

      • FThelp

        I see, i’m using IOS 4.1.. maybe the apps still got many bugs~~ just wait for updates.. i’m currently using faceit v1.0.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    I’m using MY3G and it works great with any app that may require wifi over 3G…. Any difference with this app????

    Also anyone feeling a bit bothered by the new Tmobile 4G network video calling?

    I just wanna know how it will be possible for ANY phone with Video to make calls to one another that’s on any network and any phone type

    • rizo-g

      yeah . i was thinking of that too , like for eg from iphone 4 to nokia 5800…. that would be lovely

  • Tazah

    I can’t get it to work on my iPhone 3GS.. Install, reboot, reinstall, reboot, uninstall, install again.. FaceTime just won’t pop up. Any help?

    • FThelp

      go to setting > phone and ON facetime, then click accept for sms charge, and make sure u on wifi else facetime wont active for the 1st time.

      • asrap

        wifi is on…still there’s no facetime toggle in there… no facetime… nothing…

      • Tazah

        No face time toggle.. This blows

      • FThelp

        oh no! maybe have to wait for updates, still got many bugs

  • user

    do i have to install the hacktivator? cause my phone still waiting for activation.. thanks

  • user

    mine is 3gs taiwan do i have to install the hacktivator? cause my phone still waiting for activation.. thanks

    • FThelp

      connect to WIFI to activate it~

      • user

        already connected.. reinstalling but repo is down.. thanks anyway

  • GorgonPhone

    repo is dead

  • alabama

    having problem adding the source. the error message kept popping up. gave up.

  • FThelp

    give them few days to fixed or updates their apps.. still got many bugs~

  • GtrQc

    waiting for activation… im on rogers and on wifi…

  • LiFE HACker

    Works perfectly on 3GS

  • Gorgonphone

    Yup this is fantastic on my 3GS and all i do is use a mirror and the other person can see me perfectly…YAY!! 3Gs

  • Marcus Carter

    The vid is n landscape, weird!!

  • KhiCon

    Mine 3gs has the same problem, I install Faceit-3gs twice and it is gone, disappear, no toggle any more. I have then DFU my iphone again and reinstall 4.1.ipsw again and add the again, and install faceit-3gs and then bang the facetime toggle appear.
    But bad news, waiting for activate…….hmmmm no solution for it still now.

  • KhiCon

    Good news guy, just do a research and found out that in order to make Facetime, Faceit-3gs work , you need to have Text message in you plan, other word you have to be able to text… and only activate faceit-3gs over Wifi. Hope it help

  • Vic

    Just used it and it actually works. Video and audio works. Must be connected to wifi. Activated after I rebooted twice. Turned it off then back on

    • Vic

      And I have a 3GS