I think this cartoon is pretty spot on. You know how we, iPhone users, look down on Blackberry and Android users. Android is for geeks and Blackberry is for businessmen.

Oh yeah, we’ve got all the reasons in the world to think that, but it’s pretty funny to see how they, Android and Blackberry people, look at us…

  • Xplos1v

    This is War

  • alastion

    Lol @ Blackberry seen by android

  • TotallyBrit

    Siiiiiilence…. IIIIII Killl Yoouuu!!

    • 2meu

      I like that phrase. Lol

  • Ceto

    True, true.

  • Weebsurfer

    Yarrr! Its funny ’cause it’s true!

    I also think it’s great cause sometimes I see myself as all 4. (iPhone kool-aid drinker)

  • ram

    iphone is the best of best any manufctr cannot beet up iphone

  • rainrose

    iPhone the best phone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing and no one can beat iPhone!!!!!

  • Monkey

    rainrose, when you are done with kindergarten, first grade and 2nd grade will be very different. Right now all you see is the kiddie toy, but once you move up, there are many other intriguing toys out there.

  • CPAmember

    Lol, blackberry is so funny. It’s very true. I hate bb users. And andrid users.

  • JAK

    It’s good to see Android an Crackberry in the race for acceptance… Besides, there has to be some sort of wannabe’s around, or there wouldn’t be anything to look down upon… You have to look at the posative though too… Some people aren’t cut out for state of the art… Apple Goods…. It’s like comparing a Japanese car to an American… No comparison……..

  • Nokhongtong

    What about a cartoon on Windows 7 mobile?

  • love it……I am an iPhone LOVER!!!!