Last week we reported about a bug found in iOS 4.1 that was first revealed by fellow Australian and European iPhone users. The glitch, which happens during Daylight Saving Time (tonight for us in the US), causes your alarm clock to go off an hour late. That’s because your iPhone alarm clock doesn’t recognize the time change.

Apple is well aware of it, and to be honest with you, I expected them to release iOS 4.2 in time to fix this bug, but this apparently wasn’t a priority for them. They did however provide a few steps to make sure your iPhone will wake you up on time if you have an alarm clock set…

As we previously noted:

The bug appears when using a repeating alarm for anything other than “every day.” So for example, your alarm will go off an hour late if it’s set for “weekdays,” or “weekends,” or every “Monday.” The following alarms are not affected by the bug:

  • An alarm that doesn’t repeat (repeat set to “never”)
  • An alarm set to repeat “every day”

In short, you should delete all your alarms, and make sure to set alarms for specific days. Or simply use an old school, real alarm clock!

Strange bug, but again, even stranger is the fact that Apple didn’t fix it on time.

  • Al

    This is only a bug with the iPhone default alarm clock right? Should it affect any alarm apps that we’ve purchased on the app store?

    • No I don’t think it will affect alarm apps bought in the App Store.

  • Bobby Mo

    My alarm was going off an hour late. So to wake up at 7am I have to set it for 8am. I always check everyday

  • Zachary

    I personally think that Apple could have easily pushed an iOS 4.1.1 to fix this if they had a desire to but there to busy losing the jailbreak battle with two unrevealed bootrom exploits And one revealed I think that Apple should just give up

  • Cristian

    Si, en Chile, tuvimos adelanto de 1 hora hace un mes y la alarma se activaba una hora antes! Tuve que borrar la programación y volver a agendarla para resolver el problema.

  • Big john

    Does this matter if your on 4.0.1????

  • JOJO

    Where is the Unlock for 3gs baseband 05.14.02? Oh yeah there were to release it! What happened with that. Are they so worried about what Apple is doing they can’t put out the unlock Linesn0w?

  • JOJO

    Limesn0w Sorry

    • Burge

      Because apple will patch it for 4.2.. Then others will say I need a will come out after 4.2 is out

  • Brad

    This is real. I live in Australia and I have been waking up an hour earlier every weekday for a month.

  • Jar

    My alarm worked and it is set to repeat like always. FW 4.1

  • Me

    If it doesn’t change the time then your alarm will go off an hour ‘early’ not late.

  • Maria

    The only alarm this affected last week was my 6:40 am alarm set to everyday. It went off an hour early at 5:40 am. In the US.

    I resolved this by having the alarm set for everyday but one day last week, but now I just have one that never repeats that I will turn on every night.

  • mumi

    but since today the alarm works fine again 🙂

  • Digitally Angelic

    Mine is still glitching: fortunately I woke up 3 minutes before the alarm was due to go off.

    I have removed and readded my alarms umpteen times now. Today’s weekdays alarm did not go off. I guess I’ll have to try an every day alarm instead.