After making a short apparition, SkyFire, the app that allows you to convert Flash content on your iPhone, was quickly pulled from the App Store by the company itself as their servers couldn’t handle the load. It seems things are getting better now as SkyFire is now back in the App Store.

As TUAW‘s Steven Sande notes, you may not want to rush to the App Store to get SkyFire as the app is being released in “batches”…

You can try to download SkyFire here at the same pricetag of $2.99.

  • Antrimarious

    Still doesn’t work on several sites, that I need 🙁

    • Doesn’t work on porn sites dude !!!!!

      • Oscar14A


  • Felix

    There’s not many websites that I frequent that haven’t converted to html5. I still got skyfire just in case I ever have the need to view any flash content. So far it has worked as stated. If you are on a fast wifi connection the conversion is seamless.

  • six4seven

    This app sux. I wish the world would just switch to HTML5 already!!

  • I’m so excited for this app…I just wish Hulu would work.

  • cool! now I can get it thanks =D

  • MikeLo

    No porn no good

  • Digitalus

    Sadly, yet somewhat typical, it’s not available in Australia as yet.

  • DogBoy

    On first impressions this is a total disaster, hoping it will get better with further development.

    Off topic: Someone please sort out the missing ‘T’ from the ad at the bottom of the site where it says ‘SUFF’ as it is driving me nuts. Yes I am a grammar nazi 🙂

    • lol, just noticed that man. Now its gonna bug me too, lol

  • it works on

  • Eric

    just go to html5 works like a charm.

  • Gorgonphone

    This app is soo damn lame it is just feeding of iphone user’s desperation for flash…lol

  • Wow, funny how everyone cares if it works on porn… perverts! lol