Google Instant has been bringing lighting fast search results to the desktop for a couple of months. Dynamic results are shown as you type your search query. Basically, Google guesses what you’re typing as you type it.

This amazing technology has been duplicated with other famous search services like App Store Instant. We’ve all been waiting in eager expectation for Google to bring instant searching to iOS, and Google Instant has now been made available on all iOS 4.0+ devices…

Reports have been that some areas in the U.S. do not have Google Instant yet. The service should start rolling out internationally in the coming weeks. I personally got the option for Instant search almost right away.

It appears that the Instant option is only available on the mobile Google website. The official Google Mobile app will most likely be updated with Instant support soon.

I also noticed that Google felt the need to clarity that Instant was in “beta.” O Google, when will you realize that your whole company is basically in beta.

Read the Google Blog post about Instant on mobile,

“With Google Instant on mobile, we’re pushing the limits of mobile browsers and wireless networks. You will probably notice a big improvement in speed when you search thanks to a new AJAX and HTML5 implementation for mobile that dynamically updates the page with new results and eliminates the need to load a new page for each query… Google Instant for mobile works best on 3G and WiFi networks, but since the quality of any wireless connection can fluctuate, we’ve made it easy to enable or disable Google Instant without ever leaving the page. Just tap the “Turn on” or “Turn off” link.”

Let us know if you have Google Instant enabled on your iOS device. How does it work for you?

  • Dear Sebastian,

    My apology for posting unrelated subject to this blog posting. Maybe you can help me. I jailbroke a few of iPhone 4, of one of those is mine. Unfortunately today, I just couldn’t jailbreak my friend’s iPhone either with Limera1n or with Greenpois0n. He bought the iPhone 4 from Dubai last three weeks.

    Thanking you in advance for responding to my query. Btw, I’m writing from Khartoum, Sudan. JB is a must here coz we cannot buy from ApoStore due to sanction. 

  • Albioni

    Jericho, the same thing happend to me. You will be ok, just use a different computer.
    I had jailbroken about 10 iPhones in my laptop but for some reason no matter what I did one of them coudnt. My last thought and option was to use a different laptop and it worked

  • Dear Albioni,
    Thank you for your kind response. I believe what you suggested will work.

    Anyway, I was sticking to my laptop. I tried to restore the iOS, at first it failed. It gave me error 1004. That prompted to have a look at my host file. Apparently, it was changed from the original setting where the following lines was appended:

    so, I just close it and reopen localhost

    and rejailbreak it again. And it worked. Now, I’m downloading cydia.

    As for you Jason,
    you are watching too much CNN and BBC news. Come and visit Sudan. You will be surprise how safe it is to live here.

  • To everyone in here:

    This is an iPhone blog. It is not a place to trash each other. Please do not post more of these comments.


  • Albioni

    Sebastian I would suggest to open a topic of what to do when iPhone want jailbreak after everything that we tried. I searched google for few hours and there is no help
    It would be nice if u have it here will help lots of people

    • That kinda stuff goes into the forums. You can look or ask questions there.

  • Sebastian,

    Thank you for your kind understanding. Again my sincere apology for what has written here. Didn’t meant for that to happen. Next time I will post my problem at your forum.

    As for the rest, I believe everybody meant well. Thank you.

  • appletiser

    swinging this thread back o/t: no. Instant does not seem available to me. i’ve tried the .com and sites and no option. there’s not even a setting in preferences to enable it as per the instructions on google’s website. all i seem to have is predictive auto-complete as i type in the search box.

  • Maybe its just me, but who actually goes to google search site on their mobile device? especially android users that have a built in search bar app to which instant does not apply?

    Cool idea but seems to have much more functionality on desktops

  • Love rock