When Cydia acquired Rock a couple months ago, Saurik acknowledged that Cydia was in great need of a facelift, and said that Chpwn was actually working on it to make it look better. Things aren’t going as fast as we’d want them to, but there is still some progress made by Chpwn.

MuscleNerd tweeted this screenshot of the new Cydia earlier. That was pretty exciting until I saw this tweet from Chpwn who basically said it was all they had done on the new Cydia for the time being…

That’s not much work done so far, but we’re still on the right track. I certainly hope Chpwn and Saurik find the time to revamp Cydia and give it the strong backbone it deserves.

In the meantime we can always hate or praise Cydia for what it is right now.


  • Burge

    Some work is better than no work…

    • Z

      True but what are they working on? GUI?!?! Cydia is slow, therefore, they should be more concerned about it’s performance speed, crashing issues and not the button design.

  • Wize

    I’m not hating Cydia nearly as much as I thought I would. It has a queuing option for installs/uninstalls, and I have more faith in its reliability.

    Still, I really, really miss the app reviews. And I don’t like the super-responsive search field. Just let me type, search when I press enter!

  • Err… is that even new? They have that choice already, in the manage->settings screen.

    • Hey Otto,

      Yes the option already exists, but the UI has changed a bit.


  • Suavedude

    All Sauriks et al efforts are much ‘preciated really…just make Cydia respond faster. Lol

  • I still thinking about jail break is useful or useless for me 🙂

    • how could it NOT be useful? I mean, SERIOUSLY?!?!?

  • MusicalOne

    My cydia Hasn’t changed…???

  • William

    I just want them to finish the updates to make Cydia work for iOS 4.2 so they jailbreak can be released.

  • atavision

    I know that Cydia is really the only real game out there when it comes to jailbreak app stores, but why, oh why does it take so looooong to load every time? I agree with “Z”, they should be working on making it work better/faster/stronger rather than button design. Not that it wouldn’t be nice to have a slick looking Cydia, but if it came down to a choice between the two, just make it work better!

    oh and Saurik, THANK YOU for creating it in the first place!

  • there’s a lot to be done with Cydia ….. primarily with function & speed as most people have said….. just get it working, THEN worry about the aesthetics of it all!!!

  • ZilvR

    Praising Cydia for what it does and hating it for how it does it. =)

  • Joe

    Leave the cosmetics and concentrate on the actual loading speed..!!
    We have had enough of watching the “Loading/Reloading Data”
    Altough the Cydia project is much appreciated still, the real work should definitely be done on the optimizing of the loading speed…

  • Sb

    They have themes for cydia just download one. It should be alot faster. But we all take cydia for granted.

  • 50% of Cydia packages for <3.12 firmware, any body still running <3.12 firmware! This should be priority for incoming Cydia, not only redesigning or speeding up Cydia

  • Eduardo

    Cydia is slow as fuck, I am always hesitant to start the app.

  • Polemicist

    Seriously how often do you open Cydia? I’d open it once a week to check updates and occasionally when I see an interesting tweak but other than that it pretty much sits on the phone and looks pretty.

  • Lucky

    Every coin has two sides.. Good things Cydia has given us are SBsettings, Winterboard/er, some tweaks, etc. Cydia has opened all doors for creative and needful sotwares. Installer and cydia came up with 3rd party softwares not the Apple. Bad thing is performance wise its very slow. irresponsive search sometime..

    they need to improve performance rather than GUI.

    • Qwe

      Hey we need too be lucky to have cydia in the first place thanks to all the developer who are working so hard … My standing ovation to cydia team ur guy are the best 