Don’t feel like shelling out the money for an iTV? Well if you have an old iDevice laying around, you don’t have to! Introducing iPod Remote Controller and iPod Remote Server.

The iPod Remote Controller app is a two-trick app for jailbroken devices. It will access and control any iDevice that is running the iPod Remote Server. You can select songs, shuffle, and play the songs in an interface that closely resembles the iPod app for the iPhone. It will also allow you to connect via WiFi or Bluetooth for those who don’t have a WiFi connection…

The iPod Remote Server is a free system-level app that installs as a preference pane. You can toggle it on or off and set a password.

The most striking feature of this app is the ability to act as a Veency VNC client for an iPhone that’s running the Veency server. For this alone, the $1 price is worth it to me! So if you’re using DisplayOut or TVOut2-Mirror you can connect the iDevice media server to your TV or home theater and control everything from your iPhone.

The only limitation I’ve found is all (or most?) album art does not show over Bluetooth, but I have not tested it over WiFi yet.

The two apps are available in Cydia. iPod Remote Controller is $1, iPod Remote Server is free.

How will you use this (with other apps too) to perfect your iPhone home theater experience? Does this make it worth it to own an iPod touch and an iPhone?

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  • I would do this with me old iPhone 2G ! 😀

  • Nelson

    So can I use it to watch movies on my tv from my old device ?

  • Rogue26

    It is more of a music server. Which it did video too

  • daking0007

    Can the Pod Remote Server be detected by the PS3? If so it could be nice and easy to control music on the iPod Touch through the PS3, still by using the iPhone as a remote.

    • 69er

      no you dumb fuck

  • Nick

    There is a separate uPNP server available in Cydia, and although I do not use a PS3, my understanding is that it will detect uPNP shares on the network. This should allow you to access media from your iDevice on your PS3 (but not the XBox 360… that needs a DLNA share).

    As for all other network shares, there are a few Samba (SMB, Windows’ native network file sharing protocol) client/servers in Cydia, though I have had little success with any of them. For sharing to Apple devices, install the AFP/Net Talk/Netatalk packages, and any Mac will be able to see your device on a network (so change your root passwords).

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