With the release of an advertisement dissing the iPhone 4 and AT&T’s network, you can pretty much squash any idea of the iPhone appearing on T-Mobile’s network anytime soon.

The video clip purposely takes Apple’s infamous “Mac versus PC” ads, and flips the script. It features an attractive female claiming to be a MyTouch4G, while a guy struggling to support another guy on piggyback claims to be an iPhone 4. Let the hilarity ensure…

Of course the guy riding piggyback is the AT&T network, which is putting a burden on Mr. iPhone, hence slowing him down. Brilliant! The woman then touts the MyTouch’s video-chat-anywhere capabilities — courtesy of T-Mobile’s 4G network — all the while poking fun at the fact that FaceTime for the iPhone 4 only works while connected to Wi-Fi.

Obviously, all of that means nothing to us here at iDB, seeing as a simple jailbreak will allow you to use FaceTime anywhere you receive a cellular signal. Still, the ad is quite amusing, and gives Apple a nice dose of their own medicine.

Slower network or not though, at the end of the day, the MyTouch4G is still, unfortunately, a MyTouch4G.

What did you think about the ad?

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • William

    Cute ad but not all that realistic in the US since T-Mobile is a secondary carrier and has less coverage than Sprint or Verizon.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    they only pointed out how stupid it is that a phone is held back just causse of AT&T

    i mean AT&T sucks ,,to bad for america
    why does the rest of the world has to suffer ???

  • six4seven

    That girl is super cute!


    Major idea steal fom the Mac and pc commercials.

  • Monkey

    if she is really MyTouch4G, then I’ll be touching her all over. And hopefully she is a capacitive touch and not resistive type 🙂

  • Jason masters

    That was funny I got a g2 and I’ve got to say it’s pretty fast although it lacks frontfacing camera the 4g speed is fast

  • ultimatefighter

    funny how att’s edge is faster then t-mobiles 3G what a joke

    • Z

      Really? You must live next to AT&T CEO then, cuz my AT&T’s 3G network is just enough to stream some music off of pandora and have step by step directions on mapquest simultaneously. I find AT&T 3G to be a disaster, especially considering that they supposedly DOUBLED the 3G speed.

  • Blubber

    In Germany t-mobile Lost their exklusive della for the iPhone 4, just a Fee dass ago.

    May Be t-mobile is just angry about it ^^

  • JB buddy

    @ ultimatefighter

    Sorry, but AT&T’s EDGE is not faster than T-Mobiles 3G. I use my iphone 3GS on AT&T and EDGE was shit compared to T-Mobile with my 3GS. 3G on AT&T was faster though, now its crap. Now that I’m back with AT&T, I’m wondering where my money for the data plan is going, its not like I could use it when its always loading. T-Mobile sucks in coverage though, and I’m laughing because they 3G coverage is crap and has holes everywhere like swiss cheese, so my question, why did they make 4G when they barely support 3G in the city of New York. I go on a bus and my 3G drops to EDGE. I fail to see that on AT&T. Still think both suck though

  • I don’t think thats the case. They were actually mocking att not the iphone 4. Also verizon has attacked iphone more times and still everyone believe it will be launched their.

  • Jason masters

    T-Mobile is now selling T-Mobile branded iPhone dock cables at some retail stores. What say you guys about that news!!