Although I’m not a developer, I have been able to play around extensively with iOS 4.2 on my iPad. Let me just reiterate the sentiments that it is indeed worth the hype. With new features like AirPlay, it’s understandable that that ability to switch your fonts in the Notes app is playing second fiddle to all of the other enhancements.

Although iOS 4.2 is right around the corner, Apple has been one-upped with the release of the jailbreak tweakNotesFont. Not only does this tweak bring the ability to change fonts in the native Notes app, it offers a lot more fonts than what Apple is planning to offer…

While the beta version of iOS 4.2 on my iPad only featured Marker Felt, Helvetica, and Chalkboard fonts, NotesFont features over a dozen different fonts. These fonts are easily accessible by means of the Settings app.

Among the list of fonts are of course Marker Felt, and Helvetica, along with Arial, Courier, and Verdana, among others. Strangely, there is no Chalkboard font to be found.

Along with the nice selection of fonts, NotesFont also features an option to adjust the text size of both the titles and the contents of your notes. Just be careful not to do what I did and put some huge number in your size setting, or you could yield some nasty results. Perhaps the developer should consider implementing a slider to limit the text size to a legible value!

Speaking of value, at $0.99 cents on the Cydia store, NotesFont offers a considerable amount if you’re someone who often utilizes the stock Notes app. Not only does it offer custom fonts for the Notes app before Apple does, it brings significantly more fonts to the table while doing so.

What about you? Are you sick and tired of the Marker Felt font as well?

  • Yboy403

    Nah, I like the default font fine. What we need is bold, underline, italics, and other things like that b

  • Burge

    You can already make the font larger on the iPhone and it does not need to be jailbroke ether… And if apple are going to let us choose a font then no need for this app.. Unless you need that one font that’s not on it

    • yo burge , how about some advice on how u got ur gravatar sorted …coz ive been trying a while now and i still got a standard image

  • o well watdya know ….. its working

    • Burge

      Just seen your post ..looks like you did it ..

  • Blubber

    What’s the differente to frontswap, which is free? Also there are endless fonts for the App. Even Funny Fonts like Star war’s of Simpsons. Also u can Change everY Font in the Whole System….
    Also it’s eben possible since Fw 3.x

    So Why is this App. Which cost Money bettet?

  • Z

    Someone is trying to make a quick buck before 4.2 comes out.

    And thanks to @Blubber we now know of FontSwap =)