It’s here folks. SkyFire is now available for download in the App Store. It was supposed to be released on Thursday but I guess Apple couldn’t wait to provide us with a Flash content converter.

In case you just woke up, SkyFire is a new application that will take Flash content and convert it into HTML5 so you can view it on your iPhone. As we said before, SkyFire won’t be able to convert all Flash content. Hulu videos for example won’t be able to be converted.

You can download SkyFire in the App Store for $2.99. If you do, please make sure to leave a comment and tell us all about it.

  • DGizza

    can you watch video on this? i want to watch the live hockey games

    • Joanne


      bought skyfire last year to watch flash Anime online. To-date it never work. Always only manage to see the video for 2 seconds before it pause forever. Yes, it only works for 2 seconds.

  • Joel

    purchased it .. looks good so far …

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    I bought it.
    Used it.
    Fckin sucks.
    Won’t even show My personal Flash Site!

    Next time you make a big deal out of any of these new apps you feature how about you try and pay for them First sebatian and quit using us for the guineas!

    • I’m not forcing you to buy any app, dude. I freaking hate Flash and I would have absolutely no purpose buying this. Besides, from what I hear, this app is working pretty well for most people.

      • Mac

        Hi subastien
        to those who don t want to spend
        money go to cydia and search
        for skyfire it s free

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    I’m so pissed I just waisted money on yet another USELESS APP!

    • SillyBear

      You’re an idiot. It clearly says that it only displays VIDEO. It does not play flash animation!!

  • tomuky

    That guy needs to ralax! haha

  • DGizza

    i tried to watch a live football game and it said i have a low connection. ill give it another go. im not that pissed about the 2.99 if it sucks… i have other problems in my life that dont include 2.99 for flashplayer.

  • Kev

    C’mon guys. We all have our own minds. Seb wasn’t promoting it and saying go buy it now. He was just saying if you do, leave a comment.

  • True, I personally don’t give a toss about flash so won’t waste my money on this.

  • Angi

    Dear pissed off nerd. Sebastien works his ass off for our community, perhaps you need a few different apps? I suggest an etiquette/manners app and a spelling app.

    Oh, and perhaps a mind of your own to use for future purchases. Have a nice day 🙂

    • Suavedude

      Oh brother, how I agree with you. Seb, pls ignore comments like this. You ARE DOING A GOOD JOB in the community.

  • DGizza

    thats all he really is, a pissed off nerd. in that sense he hides behind his computer and yells at people because he thinks sebastian has the power to make him purchase and its so easy to blame someone else and say stupid shit when your in front of a computer.

    grow up

    change your name to pissed off pussy

    and dont cut the legs out from people that go out of there way to help us and give us information.

    i love this blog, on it way too much. if it werent for sebastian i wouldnt know shit about the iphone. unfortunately there are people here that take out there own issues on the people that are here to help.

    and if sebastian can really “make” you buy this thing, god bless him.

  • Kev

    Well, done the research now, Seb, and unfortunately for me it is a pile of shite. Took ages and got one video to work. Wouldn’t recommend paying for this.

  • Rodney

    I haven’t tried it yet, I just want flash content to reminisce with strongbad on homestarrunner and other videos that haven’t made it to YouTube yet. Happy tree friends anyone? Wait, what do I need flash for, we have YouTube.

  • MikeLo

    Damn this app sucks. Womp womp

  • six4seven

    does anybody know if the JB app ‘Fullscreen Safari’ works with SkyFire?

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Wow there are alot of you guys really took the time to add your 2cents on what I wrote instead of making a comment about the app in question. FIRST I never said Sebatian wasn’t doing a good job and Second The App is a waiste of Money So don’t buy it and Third and most importantly ANYONE who had any comment regarding me…Thank You and FCK Off. Have a Great Day :0)

    Now let’s move forward.

  • appletiser

    i wont be bothering, comments here and in the app store tell me all I need to know.

  • Marcoarrossi

    Downloaded from installious
    And its okay
    Half the flash sites dont work but it has a report feature wich might let the app get better
    Hopefully it will

  • Monkey

    It is f-ing slow

  • countonemelikeonetwothree

    i used to have skyfire on my nokia mobile, it worked great. i even play facebook flash games on it. this was supposedly a better version but it took a step backward. and please read the entire article before making the purchase. it seems to me like some people read the title then go “omgwtfbbq a browser with a flash player? i’ll go get it right away!”

    one thing i’d like to find out from those who purchased it, does it still have region restrictions? like i said i used to have skyfire on my other phone but it got discontinued for countries outside the US. thanks ipdb.

  • DomPerignon

    This app sucks! It works with some videos and doesn’t work with others and you have no idea of when it is going to work. You are much better off with Frash and donating $3.00 to charity.

  • Twited21

    This would be an awesome app with some updates 🙂
    However every flash video I’ve tried don’t work 🙁

  • Jay

    I think it’s been removed from the app store because I can’t find it.

    • Twited21

      Your right

  • Damon

    It’s back.

  • Eagle1

    Its Awful! Waste of money! Looks terrible on the droid x. Doesn’t play much content. AVOID

  • Eagle1

    Correction I meant Ipad