Everyone has their list of must have features for the iPhone 5, but a lot of them are of the obvious variety. Things like more storage space, a better camera, and more RAM. Boring!

Apple has always been a company that pushes the envelope, so it makes sense that the iPhone 5 could be a device that Apple is willing to take a gamble on. If you don’t adapt well to change, you just might want to take a deep breath before reading this…

1. Built-in wireless syncing capabilities

This one’s really a no brainer, and is already unofficially implemented by means of the wonderful jailbreak app, Wi-Fi Sync. With a good majority of homes adopting higher speed Wireless-N routers, wireless syncing is now a viable alternative to traditional methods. If a user doesn’t already have 802.11n capabilities, Apple could always sell them an awesome, albeit overpriced, Airport Extreme. Win, win.

2. Inductive charging a la Palm Pre

Instead of those lame products that require you to put your iPhone in some hideous looking case in order to charge it on a charging pad, why not just make inductive charging a part of the iPhone 5? Palm already did it with the Pre, and Apple’s obviously not too scared to make radical design changes to their product, as evident with the iPhone 4.

3. Built in SIM Card

We just reported on this possibility last week, and it makes sense. Take the hassle out of outdated and unsecure SIM card technology, and simply make it a built in function. It’d be one less thing for consumers to worry about, and would ensure that every iPhone is the same, through and through.

4. Bluetooth headphones included

The possibility of this is music to our ears, both figuratively and literally. Apple’s not shy when it comes to their love for Bluetooth technology, as virtually all of their products have it, from the iMac, down to the iPod touch.

Why not take the next logical step? Include a relatively inexpensive pair of Bluetooth headphones with every new iPhone purchase, and lets make this great technology something that more customers are willing (note: forced) to adopt.

5. No SIM Card Slot, no 30-pin connector, and last but not least, no headphone jack

Did you start to catch my drift as the list went on? Indeed, all of the aforementioned modifications allow for some very big changes to the iPhone hardware itself, namely the removal of every port on the device. Yep, that’s right, no open interface ports whatsoever.

I think perhaps the most radical change for customers would be the lack of a headphone jack. To me, though, it only makes sense to move in this direction. Apple hates cords and cables, and so do we.

The naysayers might be loud at first, but if it works, it would just be just another history changing gamble in Apple’s portfolio. What do you think? Too big a risk, or just risky enough to be a runaway success?

  • William

    Sounds like a good set of design changes to me.

  • Joe

    No headphone jack would suck since none of my vehicles have any kind of bluetooth capabilities and wont in the near future. If I can’t hook it up to my car radio the I won’t get it.

    • teresa

      i use my phone to listen to music….. i dunno if the bluetooh’s sound quality will be enough for me!

      • ryan

        theres also the issue of non-bluetooth headphones. bose? beats? what will they do?

      • Uri

        And let’s not forget about the problem of charging the bluetooth headphones. I don’t want to worry about another battery!!

    • Jenn

      I can hook my phone up to my car radio?? How?

      • Joe

        Radio transmitter plugged in to lighter for power and connected to iPhone with audio jack

  • futurama_8b

    WOW! I love technology <3!

  • Ivan Drinchev

    no jacks at all is cool, but it would make jailbreaking extremely hard…

    • While this might be true, I’m pretty confident that the Dev Team, or someone in their circle could get it done.

  • Eric

    This guy loses all credibility when he says more hard drive space in the first paragraph. I know very well what he means, but there’s no hard drive in an iPhone.

    • It’s just a common term. Kleenex as to Tissue, Coke as to Soda, Hard Drive Space as to Storage. *shrugs shoulders*, oh well, can’t win em all.

    • Fixed, for clarification purposes. You eagle eyed folks around here.

    • Sb

      He says more storage space you fuckhead!

  • Can’t see them trashing all the speakers and docks that have worked with almost every iPod since time began to be honest.

  • I think it might be far fetched to think that Apple would abandon all ports on the device.

    Pricing and consumer expectation seem to not make that an option. Plus, Apple would not put something in the market unless they were 100% sure that the accessories manufacturers could competitively price, or even produce, the accessories needed to support that type of an iPhone.

    I think it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they may abandon one or two ports, (they did file a patent for MagSafe on iOS- http://cl.ly/35Mt) but definitely not all of them at once.

    • If I could have just one of those features, I’d be happy. Hey, that’s progress. I want Apple to continue pushing the envelop like they did back in the early part of the century. They were always first with new tech.

  • reign07

    if it would still need to sync or update there will be a hack ^^

  • Rob

    If the battery was decent i might not mind no cables, but when im using my phone or ipad by the couch, i keep it plugged in while using it. If i had to keep it on the induction pad that would be stupid.

  • 1, 2, 4 Yes
    3, 5 No

    I want my SIM card, I travel and swap sim when abroad.
    Also I don’t want Apple to pick what provider I can use, also i doubt that would fly in Europe.

    And Loosing the dock connector, I doubt it, there are way to many accessories, the iPhone has been helped by the fact that it could use all the iPod accessories.
    There are even cars that come with iPod dock built in.

    No Headphone jack, well possibly, but I think what would happen is that people would end up having to get an bluetooth headphone adaptor, since the options on headphone jack connected headphones are way higher than the Bluetooth connected.

  • Nelson

    Wouldn’t Bluetooth waste more battery than plugging in headphones ? And then I wouldn’t be able to buy any kind of headphones or plug my iPhone to my amplifier.

  • pn2bade

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want inductive charging? I like to be able to plug in my phone and still have (abet limited) mobility. You have to lay your phone down and not touch it or play with it bending over all the while trying not to let it fall off the charging unit.

  • Nick

    Borat said it first … “it is nice!”

  • Metal

    Uhhh… I think I’ll stick with corded headphones. I don’t think any of you have actually used Bluetooth headphones. They suck. Like really really suck. Unless they start using BT3.0 I dint see that happening. And BT3.0 hasn’t taken off for shit.

  • Steve

    No headphone jack doesn’t make sense, lots of people use particular headphones with regular plugs. I could see them try this with the shuffle perhaps, but even then you’re needlessly cutting out many users.

  • whatchasay

    Wireless sync is useless if you have no access to wifi. And wifi is not secure. Wifi WEP can be hacked with simple tools. Google just did it and got a load of confidential info without even realizing it. Cable sync is still the best.

    Inductive charging means you can’t use the iPhone while it is charging. That’s a bummer.

    Built in SIM means you can’t use your phone overseas without paying heaps of roaming charges. Better access to sim card slot is still the best.

    Bluetooth headphones will drain your battery and bluetooth headphones quality is still low-fi. Wired headphones still provide the best quality sound.

    What we really need…

    1. Smaller and more efficient port would be nice – e.g. mini USB 3 port.
    2. Better battery – charge faster and last longer – e.g. Palladium or Nanotech battery
    3. Better materials used in iPhones
    – non conductive materials – e.g. Liquidmetal or some alchemy of alloy/metals
    – shatter proof, scratch resistant, hi-rez screen – e.g. Gorilla glass.
    4. Better processing power – e.g. multi-core processor
    5. More memory – at least 32/64GB as stock

  • No ports ? I think I’ve spent enough money on iPhone compatible accessories ! If the 5 were to come out with a portless or headphone jack free phone it would cost the consumer a lot of $$ just to replace all those accessories we bought for our 3G or 4 .. I would have to buy new headphones , new alarm clock radio , & new speakers for work .. Then I’d have to buy something for my car to stream the music for my phone . If I have to charge my phone I’ll have to buy at least 3 of those power mat or stone things …. As you can tell I’m not to fond of this idea :/ lol

    • I’d be happy with real scratch proof & shatter proof gorilla glass , 64gb capacity , a better front facing cam & an attena that won’t short out if I hold it a certain way 🙂

      • Sandy

        I’m with you!!

  • Burge

    You missed one other thing …how about a White one …lol…

  • Chris

    1 would be nice if it was an option.
    2 would be nice if it was an option (the other being plugging it in). I like to be able to use my phone while it is charging. I like to be able to plug it in in the car for GPS/Music on long trips after using it for the entire day.
    3 would be awful unless they had some easy way to swap out a virtual SIM card.
    4 would be ok but it would probably just mean one more accessory that gets thrown in a box on the shelf for me.
    5 would be incredibly bad. I like being able to plug my phone into the auxiliary audio port on speakers. I like being able to plug my phone into my laptop while I have tethering enabled.

  • amit

    they should remove all the buttons too.

  • Logan.fr

    Hi there
    If i may, this topic should begin with a question mark.
    Anyway, good work asking us guys. This is exactly what Apple needs to improve their upcoming products.
    Everything being based upon customer experience, such a brand needs basic inputs (please do not misunderstand me when I write “basic”, thx)
    So please go on…
    I, for myself, would like Apple to go mini-USB instead of proprietary plug.
    BT replacing jack ? No thanks. It’s already hard enough to find quality/suitable stereo headphones to rely on instead of the low-cost in-the-box thing.
    Inductive charging is nice, as long as it comes as a plus. Most users are not willing to carry such an accessory, unless Apple manages to make it worth it (which I’m eager to see 🙂
    e.g. how many among us are charging their iDevice from at least 2 or 3 different places each day ?
    But again : Apple’s business is about addressing customers’ needs, on a large scale.
    Question is : which part of the pie do we belong to ?
    Just my 2 cents 🙂
    Regards from France,

  • jesse

    it would be great to have the option to wirelessly sync. and to have bluetooth headphones.

    but i don’t want the headphone jack and connector to be completely removed. not yet. maybe in the iphone 6.

  • Vitaliy

    As other people said.. We are not yet ready for all the ports removed. Although I can see many benefits like less chance for water
    Damage. But then again there are mic and speaker holes 😀

  • Yboy403

    Yeah, the guy who mentioned sound quality is right. For people who use iPhone as a music player, it’s not ideal. Also, it’ll halve music battery life instantly if bluetooth has to be on to play music. I don’t think that Bluetooth-only audio is coming anytime soon. Also, not everybody has a wifi network, or wants to pay extra for inductive charging, which isn’t without faults. No, I think the iPhone’ll have physical ports for years to come.

  • Sandy

    I wouldn’t want to have to charge mine that way either. In fact, I’m charging now as I type this!
    Dont like Bluetooth either. I use speakerphone or corded earbuds, don’t like holding phone or Bluetooth next to my brain all day.
    Shatterproof glass is the way to go.
    And Flash!! Hate opening a tweet or website only to find I can’t view it.

    • WyKeD

      you can view flash content on the iphone using “Frash” …….. works on 99% of the flash enabled sites I visit regularly 🙂 jus’ sayin’

  • Oscar14A

    Dude it’s 2010 everything should have been wireless 2 years ago. Great ideas for the upgrades for apple. I love to be on the phone when I drive, Bluetooth is needed really bad.

  • Toto

    Bluethoot cuts audio frecuencies, you loose quallity. Everything sounds good, except the audio Jack. For really kinky people regarding quality in music like me, wired is better.

  • Ari

    Fuck having no ports! I love ports! No forced bluetooth for me, thanks much. My boyfriend and I’d have to get some kind of bluetooth adapter for the car–that’s just more money being spent that I could put to better uses; besides, sound quality over bluetooth isn’t all that great. I really don’t see Apple removing the doc port–there’s so many devices out there that use it. No removable sim card? Fuck going out of country, then lol. Also, inductive charging? Who would want to carry around a pad when they can just shove a small cable/outlet adapter into their bag? Again, another stupid feature to me. I wouldn’t mind Apple including a bluetooth headset with their products–if it wouldn’t bring the price up by anything, or at least, not by much. Hmmm, maybe that should be optional. All in all, any of these features would really annoy me, and would most-likely stop me from upgrading.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    The only of those 4 predictions I find reasonably acceptable is option #1 (Wireless syncing). The rest would inconvenience me so much that I would switch companies altogether, or not upgrade to the 5.

    “No SIM Card Slot, no 30-pin connector, and last but not least, no headphone jack”

    No headphone jack? How will I hook up to my car stereo, or ratty old boombox at my cottage?

    No 30-pin connector? Ok.. you mean going with the micro/mini USB right? I hope that’s what you mean apple. Because not everyone has a power mat. Oh wait, that’s what you want, a new way to get money from people. I forgot that’s what you do Apple.

    Built in SIM card? What? Apple getting ready for a phone for Verizon? They’re going against the grain and going with CDMA instead? I do lots of traveling, and have a few unlocked GSM phones and not being able to swap SIMs would be a great inconvenience.

  • Gorgonphone

    no connections ports is silly

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    No 30-pin ports, how could we connect the iphone to itunes in a non-bluetooth enable PC? HELLO!

  • DriftRacer14

    Stupidest move in history on Apple’s part. I’ve never had nor wanted any Apple device before, so it doesn’t really phase me, but still. I prefer Microsoft or even some off-brand MP3 player (Getting my first MP3 player this January! :D) but my sister’s been through two iPod Nanos (First generation) and I hooked up a boss sound system for her using an old pair of desktop speakers, plus not all comps are Bluetooth enabled. Apple’s gonna fall off it’s pedestal for the removal of the SIM card and the 30-pin connector. The slimmer headphone jack? Stroke of genius, although why make a device thinner and more break-prone? Use the same size casing and just cram more RAM or storage space into it using the now available space that was once taken up by the headphone jack.