If you have ever tried to play a two-player multi-touch game on your iPhone, then you know how tricky it can be. While it’s still fun, and debateably a better experience than the dollar-eating barroom games, you will soon have the opportunity to completely upgrade your multiplayer iPhone game experience.

Enter the coolest iPhone peripheral to date: Table.Connect for iPhone. While still in development, this brilliant idea proposes a beautifully designed table that connects directly to the iPhone via the dock connector. The mockups boast a 58″ capacitive multitouch surface, sculpture and design to match the appearance of an iPhone, a power button, a Home button, and a built-in AC power supply…

Now you can fire-up that AirHockey app on your iPhone and actually play Air Hockey the way it was meant to be played. In fact, any two-player app that has a divided screen will be much more enjoyable. I’d bet that we’ll start to see 3-4 player multitouch games manifest. Poker, Monopoly, dominos, slot car, schema design… I can only imagine how much of a game changer this would be!

This all assumes that it will be affordable. What do you think? What’s the magic price? Which apps would be awesome on this?

[Table.Connect via HackThatiFone]

  • Tony

    Prob cost over $1000.

    Hmm Twister might be fun.

  • Burge

    It will cost to much…that’s one big iPhone

    • Aleksander

      Burge, how did you change your image in the comments?
      I see you in allmost every post i read. (and i read ALL of them)

      • Burge

        Go to gravatar.com

  • Aleksander

    Too expencive for the every day man. (or woman ;p)
    But cool thats for shure! 🙂

  • Z

    That’s a genius idea. Looks Costly to produce, but definitely is a revolutionary invention

  • I believe very expensive , multitouch wow! And able to connect to iPhone ….
    I want one but $$.

    Imagine if u can stand on it and play twister or tap tAp…..lol

  • Martin

    But how is it going to upscale the image?

  • Goofygreek

    That is awesome

  • Joker

    They need to be careful. Apple might want to make an itable off of there design. Lol

  • Pretty sure that’s a fake. Take a closer look at the video. He hits the sleep/wake button when launching the app. Swiping and zooming doesn’t look right on last pic. And, uh… no home button. How do you multitask or exit it an app.

    • Michael

      i agree. especially zooming out again looks strange…

  • Burge

    It’s fake..the pic of Sly moves before he touches the screen…