iPhone Hack Removes Ads and Gives You Unlimited Skips on Pandora

By , Nov 2, 2010

I love the Pandora iPhone app. For the last few months, it’s the only way I’ve been listening to music. I love it yet there are a couple things that bug me with this app: the ads, and the fact that you can’t skip as many songs as you want.

This is a problem of the past thanks to this new jailbreak app called Pandora Skip Hack. Not only it will remove the skip limits but it will also remove the ads…

I’ve been looking online to find the original repo for Pandora Skip Hack but I couldn’t find it. The only way I was able to get this app on my iPhone was via the not-s0-legit Xsellize repo. Please let me know if you know the original source for Pandora Skip Hack.

Thanks to everyone who tipped me about this new app!

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  • Burge

    Xsellize …hacked repo…cough cough….. I don’t endorse what I’ve listed below.
    If you want to take this post down I will understand..
    Here are 15 more to play with have fun..
    apt.macosmovil .com/
    Some of you might have these already but there is alot of noobs..

    • Burge

      Please if you do like one of the tweaks or apps that you get from one of theses repos and you use it alot go and pay for it….that’s what I do. I try with these and than pay for it or I do not use it and delete it

  • http://twitter.com/otciii otciii

    Got a link for that repo?

    • Burge

      Look above

      • Burge

        First one in list should be–theiphonespotrepo.net/apt/ ( sorry)

      • http://www.xshare.com Z

        @Burge great job man! It’s hard to find a list of repos that work with cydia. And bad URLs are a pain in the ass. That should definitely help the noobs.

        P.S.: How long does it take your Cydia to load? 30 minutes? =)


      • http://www.xshare.com Z

        @Burge great job man! It’s hard to find a list of repos that work with cydia. And bad URLs are a pain in the ass. That should definitely help the noobs.

        P.S.: How long does it take your Cydia to load? 30 minutes? =)

        @Sebastien I don’t know if this hack has an original repo, but you can always get in touch with the developer to find out. This hack is floating around the not-so-legit repos. I don’t even know if it’s paid originally. Something I don’t mind donating for instead of upgrading to pandora one =)

      • Burge

        My Cydia loads very quick … I’ve turned off all the crap

  • Shrike1978

    I’m pretty sure this violates the terms of agreement for Pandora. There’s a reason you can’t get this on a legit repo, and it’s because none of them want the liability. Can’t believe you’d post this article on what seems to otherwise be a useful and legitimate blog.

    Pay the $36 a year…it’s worth it and it’s legal.

    • mplsboywonder

      I do pay the $36 a year for Pandora! Paying the annual fee doesn’t give you unlimited skips. Then forcing you to listen to a song you don’t like or changing the station completely.

      Tweaks such as these are what makes the iPhone so incredible.

      What are you the Pandora police?……GET A LIFE!

      • Shrike1978

        Why do you think they can offer this service at all? They’re licensed as a radio station, and their limits are based on their radio license. $3/month is dirt cheap for ad free radio. That they allow skips at all is a bonus. I also pay $17/month for satellite radio that I can’t customize and can’t skip on at all. Guess how often I have to hear a song I don’t like or change the station with it? It’s a hell of a lot more than it is on Pandora. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I hit the skip limit on my main two stations. Every time you skip, you’re costing them money, because they have to pay for the song whether you listen to it or not. If you want unlimited skips, make yourself multiple stations. The skip limit is on a per-station basis for paid users. Every time a free user supresses an ad, they are taking money that it takes to keep the service running.

        You are causing them to break the terms of their service agreement with their music providers every time you skip more . Don’t be surprised if this is shut down very quickly at best, or your accounts are terminated at worst. I personally hope it’s the latter…I happen to like Pandora, and I don’t want to see it brought down by bullshit like this.

      • soccerkrzy

        What Shrike said.

        Why do you skip anyway? If you don’t want to listen to the song, give it a thumbs down and it won’t play on that station.

    • http://www.xshare.com Z

      @Shrike Dude, I think you need to smell some coffee. If the ads and skip limit can be removed with some hack (some modifications or additions to an already existing app) via phone, what the hell are you on about? Licenses, pay per song, license restricted skip limit? Well if their license restricts Pandora with the number of skips it can allow its users, then this hack is an extension to the license and I love it. And I’m sure a lot of pandora users love it as well, and would rather pay the developer for the hack than an annual subscription to pandora

    • mplsboywonder

      You are very naive when it comes to Pandora hacks. DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS BEEN DONE???……….Wake Up. This hack is already available to anybody with a mac or windows desktop for the last year. Not to mention the numerous apps that allow you to not only record every song played on Pandora, then automatically file these songs into itunes.


      Do you think this is the first time this has been done?

      So if you think this one small hack, that is available from small repos on Cydia that is only available on jail-broken phones is going to shut them down, then you are a fool.

      It is also abruptly hypocritical that you can’t believe that this article was even posted. 70% of these posts are about jail-breaking, which goes against Apples terms of service…..WTF

  • Rob

    Old news…

  • Tony

    Thanks I’m a noob as I didn’t have these :)

    • Tony

      And really, the 5 sec ads don’t bother me. Small price to pay for listening to music for free. You’d get tons more commercials/ads on the radio.

      • Justin

        Hmm, 5 second ads. I don’t get those, I stopped updating pandora at 2.0 because I think I remember there was going to be a limit on how many hours/month you could listen. So, does anyone with higher versions experience a limit?
        No ads are nice, but 2.0 doesn’t run in the background.

      • http://www.xshare.com Z

        @Justin I’m running the latest version of Pandora with the hack – no limits, no ads

  • Eric

    Yeah. This is old news and just cheap. No one wants to pay for anything anymore. Like people should develop things for free. Yeah communism.

  • Oz

    Download Pandora Skip Hack from insanelyi repo (repo.insanelyi.com) and enjoy unlimited skips =]

  • SillyBear

    I wish there was a way to play Pandora from Canada. I travel up here a lot.

    • http://www.xshare.com Z

      @SillyBear it’s an online radio, it should work in Canada. Don’t be silly, Bear =)

      • SillyBear

        I am normally a sillybear, but you really can’t play pandora over the interwebs outside of the US. Same with Hulu, ABC, NBC, etc.
        The only way is to access a US proxy outside the country but I havent found a way to do that on my iPhone yet.

      • http://www.xshare.com Z

        What about accessing the site? Sorry, I never encountered a problem with using pandora. Even in Europe.

        Have you tried both: 3G and wifi? Laptop?
        Just thinking of ways to find a way for you. And don’t know anything about hulu

    • http://www.chrisburke.ca Chris Burke

      You CAN play pandora in Canada.. Go to chrisburke.ca and search pandora.. It’s awesome and I love it (and I’m in Canada)

  • Bona P

    Cheap? No! If it’s free, why not download it. Who doesn’t want free stuff?.plus ads are annoying.

    • Shrike1978

      Read my reply to mplsboywonder. It costs money to provide the service, and they don’t provide it out of the goodness of their heart. If they don’t make money, Pandora goes away. Also, they have to work within a restrictive license to be able to provide the service at all. If they can’t control this type of thing, they are breaking their terms of service with their providers, who can then exercise their rights to take away the rights to play the music. By downloading and using this tweak, you’re endangering the whole service.

      • http://www.xshare.com Z

        Shrike, they make shit loads of money from advertisement, so might as well provide a free service without skip limits. Screw the ads, they were not so bad, but the limit?!?! If the service was free without limits, more people would use the app/website, therefore, better achieved target market for those companies in need of advertisement of their products and services. The larger the number of FREE users, let me specify, FREE, the higher the price for a company to place an ad on Pandora, i.e. higher popularity. And offer a pro version for a MINIMUM, which would include ad free streaming and additional features like playlists. I hope you’re following me so far.

        So don’t feel all so bad and sorry for Pandora. They are not doing as bad as you make it sound.

      • Shrike1978


        Again, you are missing the point. The reason they are able to offer this service cheap or free is because they are not a streaming music service, they are a *radio station*. Their license does not allow them to offer *any* of the things you are suggesting. If they did, they would be a streaming music service and would be much more expensive to access. Using hacks like these to remove skip limits causes them to break the licenses they have in place with their music providers. The very reason they can offer the service they do at the price they do is because of these licenses.

        As for the money, I’m sure you make more money than you need, so I’ll go ahead and take 25% of it because I’m greedy, so you can just go ahead and send that to me now, thanks.

  • David

    This tweak made Pandora crash on my iPhone. I used the blusky repo. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • http://www.xshare.com Z

      Try the one from insanelyi repo. Works for me.

      3GS 4.1

      • Ponycrest

        Can you post the repo please? I tried many ways but I can’t added.

  • soccerkrzy

    Or don’t be a cheap ass and actually pay the $36/yr to Pandora for ad-free music instead of installing an illegal application that violates Pandora’s ToS.

  • Matt

    This skip hack is awesome

  • Digital

    Supporting piracy?

  • harry

    The hack crashes pandora after a couple songs. Is this happening to anyone else? I used the insanelyi repo to get it.

  • hack
  • Alex

    Download this and pandora stopped working and I tryed deleting the app and I did but on the app store it still says I have.
    P.S. I also deleted the skips hack just in case

  • Anonymous

    greatest hack ever! no more having to wait to skip shit