Here is an interesting bug found in iOS 4.1 for our fellow European iPhone users.

When switching between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time, your iPhone actually figures out what time it really is where you are, and changes the clock accordingly. However, it doesn’t change these settings for your alarm clock, which caused some Euros to be waken up an hour later than they were supposed to.

This first appeared in Australia a few weeks ago and even though Apple is aware of the bug, they still haven’t released a fix for it yet. Engadget did a little bit of digging and here is what they found out:

Deleting and re-adding the alarms will NOT fix the issue. We’ve now tested a number of scenarios under iOS 4.1 on European iPhone 4 and 3GS devices for ourselves. The bug appears when using a repeating alarm for anything other than “every day.” So for example, your alarm will go off an hour late if it’s set for “weekdays,” or “weekends,” or every “Monday.” The following alarms are not affected by the bug:

  • An alarm that doesn’t repeat (repeat set to “never”)
  • An alarm set to repeat “every day”

You can test yourself by creating a repeating alarm (but not every day) to go off one minute in the future and 59 minutes in the past.

The fix is probably going to come with iOS 4.2 in the next few days but if it doesn’t come before November 7th (date the US will make the switch), be very careful. You don’t want to get to work an hour late, or do you?

  • adnan

    what going on with apple

  • poplopez

    I woke up an hour early this morning in the U.S. that hurt.

    • TheAngryPenguin

      Ditto. I spoke with an AppleCare rep and he stated that they are well aware of this ‘issue’, that it would most likely be resolved with 4.1, and that there was nothing that could done about it in the meantime other than to offset your alarm until DST kicks in.

  • Saulo

    This also happened in Mexico with iPhone 3G. Good thing today is a holiay otherwise there would have been a lot of tardiness all over.

  • Burge

    My wife found that out this morning … Lucky she was already up..

  • @pakoala

    In Mexico this happened to me on my iphone 4 with 4.1 fw the end of DST was this Sunday that morning the alarm sound one hour later

  • Daylight savings here in the US used to be earlier. We don’t have to adjust our time until November 7 at 2 am. Although I am going adjust my alarm clock starting this Friday just to be safe.

  • Joeyjojo

    Yeah thats what happened here in the uk with my 4.1 device. Hope they sort it in next update. And hope that’s a quick jailbreak too! Can’t update until I can jailbreak. 😀

  • Condios

    I don’t understand that something SO important has not been communicated by Apple to all other users in the world. I’m sure that by next week, a lot of Americans will also not wake up at the correct time.

    Is it SO difficult to send a iTunes something or email to the registered users that would WARN them of this bug BEFORE everyone else outside Australia in the world misses an hour at work?? I feel the media should take this up, because when so many people put their trust in a clock device (how simple can such an application be, please!), it is unheard of that the manufacturer is not held responsable for the consequences (willingly witholding information).

    If I was an American citizen, I would sue Apple next week for money lost over unknowingly having missed an hour at work (and then missed the meeting that missed the deal that missed the construction that missed the global economy ;-)) man, that would amount to many millions USD 😀