According to a tweet from MuscleNerd, iPhone jailbreak developer Chpwn will soon start working on a Windows version of the PwnageTool jailbreak. To date, PwnageTool is a Mac only jailbreak that allows you to update your iPhone to a jailbroken firmware while preserving the baseband so you can unlock your iPhone.

The news about PwnageTool for Windows came from an argument between MuscleNerd and iH8Sn0w on Twitter. I’ve never been a huge fan of iH8Sn0w and his Sn0wBreeze tool, and it seems that the Dev Team isn’t either…

Chpwn commented that he hasn’t been on a computer in days but that working on PwnageTool for Windows is on his to-do list, which means we shouldn’t expect this new tool to be released soon.

Windows users, how do you feel about that?

  • James Goldman

    Why are you no fan of iH8Sn0w and his Sn0wBreeze ?

    • Because Sn0wBreeze always comes with tons of restrictions (ie. can only be used with iPhone 3G 3.1.3 MC model previously jailbroken with JailbreakMe). This is not the way a good jailbreak works. A good jailbreaks doesn’t have such restrictions. Besides, I’ve heard more people fucking up using SB, than actually being successful with it. It’s just my opinion though.

      Have you tried SB? How did it work for you?

    • Shrike1978

      I, for one, have never managed to make sn0wbreeze work, and I’m not a jailbrew newb…I’ve been jailbreaking since 1.1.1, and have had at least one phone running every jailbroken firmware that has been out. Back in the 2.x days, Winpwn just worked. I do know that some devs, @chpwn and @MuscleNerd among them, have criticized the bunldes that @iH8Sn0w makes, saying that devs have to spend many hours working around his poor implementaions to make apps work properly.

      I’m looking forward to a proper Pwnage Tool implementation on Windows.

  • James Goldman

    Haven’t tried SB – Last JB’d my 3G OS3.1.2 with Blackra1n and was all sorted in about 3 seconds – BUT need to unlock so being very wary of what I use this time to ensure BB preserved – So will either get Mac friend to create me a safe JB for 3G iOS 4.1with PwnageTool – or will wait for a safe Windows version from whomever you recommend!

  • Sn0wshoe

    Can’t wait for it, i’ve been on 3.1.2 and quite honestly i’m fed up.

    I wish i had a mac… oh well i’m gonna patiently wait for the windows version

  • Burge

    This is the best news ever to come from iDB… I for one i’am going to love this....
    P.S it’s on it’s way

  • Aian

    I love it. Can’t wait for the PC version of pwnage tool! Tired of hearing Mac Only. And that we the people without a Mac have to stay away from the jailbreak if we want to unlock.

  • kirk

    Sn0wbreeze user here, it worked fine for me. 3GS old bootrom, JB’ed and working for a month now. I have been following the arguments between the dev team members and iH8Sn0w and im getting pretty annoyed. I dont understand how they can criticize iH8sn0w so much and refuse to lend a helping hand whenever he asks for it. Not constructive at all. If their stuff is so much better and its about the community then extend an olive branch. The team loves their ego and whenever its hurt (sn0wbreeze and limera1n), they use their influence to dissuade ppl from using other ppls tools. Very childish and petty IMO.

    • Shrike1978

      iH8Sn0w comes off as whiny and immature about the whole thing. Like a kid throwing a tantrum, if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants, he screams and cries publicly to try to coerce others to give in just to shut him up. He hasn’t paid his dues in the community and has caused considerable friction in the past, but expects to be given all the trust and respect that guys that have been in it since the beginning gets. Sn0wbreeze is just a wrapper for xpwn, and it doesn’t even do it that well. He’s just another ego trying to make a name for himself by doing nothing particuarly special or worthy.

  • Salvador

    To: James Goldman
    If you has a 3g iphone i personaly recomend do not upgrade to 4.1 the phone still slow
    I was running that version in my 3g iphone and i downgrade to 3.1.3 and now the phone is working great. On 4.0 slow, on 4.0.1 slow, 4.0.2 slow too i try each version since the 4.0 notice making the phone slow thing twice

  • Satjit

    When will it come

  • Robbo

    PwnageTool for Windows any sign of it getting released soon?????