Have you ever misplaced your phone? I think it’s safe to say we all have at one point. I know I’ve wasted time more than once while scrambling through my room trying to find my iPhone.

Usually I have to try and find another phone to call my own so that I can hear my ringtone. But what about the instances when another phone is not available and you really need to find your iPhone?

A few friends of mine don’t have landline phones in their house anymore. What do you do when there is no other phone around and you don’t have MobileMe’s “Find My iPhone” feature? That’s when “I Can’t Find My Phone,” by Dave Dawson, comes to the rescue…

“I Can’t Find My Phone” is a simple website that allows you to enter in your phone number and have an automated service call your phone for you. There is no signup and no usage fee. You simply enter in your number, and your phone is called instantly. And not to worry, if you’re not in the U.S. you can enter your country code to place a call outside of the U.S.

I am very pleased with the aesthetic cleanliness of the site. The service is super fast and I can see this website saving my butt the next time I lose my iPhone. When you get called by “I Can’t Find My Phone”, you are greeted by nice robot lady that says, “It looks like you have found your phone. Have a nice rest of the day.”

Beyond functionality, I also smell a good opportunity for some prank calls with this service. But I’ll let you decide what you want to use it for. Visit the site and give it a try.

What do you think? Does this website solve a problem you’ve run into before?

  • Lucky

    doesnt work for me. i live in india. i hv airtel connection. official carrier on iphone.

  • Condios

    Doesn’t seem to work for belgium… at least I tried it an noone rang me :-S

  • neo

    Doesnt work in Singapore. Can’t enter 8 digit for my mobile since only 7 spaces are available.

  • Have you guys tried entering your country code in the field that I showed in the second screenshot?

  • Sascha

    Doesn’t seem to work in Germany either. Entered country code and my own number… didn’t ring…

    I believe this is only some scam to collect valid phone numbers for spam or marketing purposes.


  • Geezer

    What happens if the phone is on silent? How is this any different from calling my lost phone from landline or wife’s phone?

  • Geezer, the only difference is that some people don’t have landline phones in their house (or a friend with a mobile isn’t nearby). It happens more than I’d like to admit, and I’m pretty thankful for MobileMe’s “find my iPhone” — just because it works even if the phone’s on vibrate.

    Wish there was a way to make that “ring when silent” API available for other services…

  • Justin

    So how does this service get paid for? Will my number be put on some kind of list, or sold to advertisers?

    • Sascha

      That’s what my suspicion is… so don’t use it! Dumb me tried it right away before thinking about it…

  • appletiser

    this is good but as with most things nothing is free, your number stands a high chance of being utilised by a third party and respective parties of those too, so no thanks.

  • There is an amazing app for androids call ”wheres my android”. The phone actually rings even if its on silent. Use another phone and Just text it a pharse or word you previously enter in the app. Whatever you want to use, for example ”i need my phone” and it rings. I dont know why this isnt on the iphone but it needs to get ported or something.

  • The developer of the site has said that, “Note: This site is purely entertainment and I will not spam you in any way.” While there is no real way of proving that, I like to believe in someone’s word. I have not gotten a spam call since I used the website. Comment if you start getting calls.

    • Sascha

      I tend to NOT believe someone’s word. Especially if I don’t know that person and if that person is getting something from me (in this case my phone number). I still could kick myself in the butt for impulsively trying this without thinking first.

  • T.

    Doesn’t work in Netherlands

  • I really love their Privacy Policy.
    Oh wait… They don’t have any!!!

  • Doesn’t work in India too…even after country code!

  • abanibi

    Doesn’t work for me
    Phone calls aren’t cheap (especially international) so there has to be some sort of income for this website, I don’t know if the donation box covers it since the service doesn’t work for a lot of people. I say there’s a good chance the numbers are sold to a third party…