I never get tired of watching this series of banned promo video for the iPhone. After doing the banned iPhone 4 video and the banned iPhone 4 antenna video, the guys of jLe Productions are back with this video, taking a shot at the ridiculousness of the missing white iPhone 4.

Make sure to hit the jump and check the video below. You’re in for a 2 minute laugh…

Isn’t it funny?

  • LOL…yeah that is great. I really wanted the white one, but when I found out you could not get it the day ATT started selling it, I was like, I will go with black.

    • Z

      “Once you go black, you never come back” LOL

  • cmarcolette

    Great point made here ” who gives a damn what color the phone is cause you’re going to put a case on it anyway.

    • Lucas

      This is the best fkin part of the video so true

  • Kingz

    Stupid people are concerned with the color. I read a study that over 60% of iphone users only use the phone, ipod and texting.. Everything else is barely ever touched.

  • Pissed_Off_NERD!

    Why the fck is this news?
    Does the White iPhone offer anything different…Uhhhh NO!
    So why are any bloggers giving a damn! Are you gonna sell your black iPhone 4 and purchase a new one because it’s white?

    That’s RACIST!!!!

  • you know ….. for about 200$ you can get the front & rear panels, homebutton, etc. in white for the iPhone 4 …… I’ve replaced a few already for people …… so I know of at LEAST 5 white iPhone 4’s in the Sacramento area ……. phones I did !!!!! mines next!!! this weekend my iPhone 4 will be white!!!

  • iKing

    I liked all the black jokes and the camera ones. true comedy

  • Burge

    All I will say is ..think different….why have black when there was ment to be a White one …and it looks like that’s not going to happen.. so looks like I’ll be sticking with my White 3GS for now..ps great vid as always

  • greytone

    They apparently does.

    • Lucas