After recently becoming the largest tech company in the world, Apple just passed RIM to become the 4th largest vendor of mobile devices in the world, just behind Nokia, Samsung, and LG Electronics (who the hell owns an LG phone?).

Apple shipped 14.1 million units within the last 3 months, while Nokia, Samsung, and LG respectively shipped 110.4 million, 71.4 million and 28.4 million units. RIM is just behind Apple with 12.4 million devices shipped.

Apple is still pretty far behind the first 3 but remember that the company got into the mobile space only 3 years ago. You can only imagine where it’s going to be in 3 more years…


  • Burge

    I know someone with a LG .. And it’s a nice phone . But he does have a iPhone as well. ( work phone )

  • Z

    Ever since I got the iPhone I was not interested in other models. I believe the numbers will start dropping for Nokia and LG. Samsung and Apple, I believe, will only be increasing their sales with every year.

  • Tek

    Hmmm Apple only has 4 phones to date. Nokia , samsung, LG have like thousands of models over what? 10+ years? They have entry level models which are very cheap too. But at least they’ve beaten RIM.

  • Oscar14A

    Sweet make that 14.1 + 1 more. I just got a new iPhone 4 (:

  • P

    I love iphone im nt lv widt appel

  • Monkey

    Seb, stop being a fruity centric, I mean apple centric. Get out more and you will find that LG makes much more phones than apple. Yes, Wal-Mart prepaid phones are mostly LG. Metro PCS prepaid are mostly LG. And do not forget, IPS technology belongs to Hitachi/LG joint venture and the retina IPS display on your iPHone 4 is made by LG

  • Monkey

    And Seb, if you want to be a respectable journalist, get out more, stop being stucked with Apple only.

  • Kerstin

    While the figures are for gross units sold, bear in mind the difference in turnover/profit is nowhere near as huge. Apple devices are all very highend, and as such it’s pretty phenomenal the they sell 1/7th of the amount !
    The bulk of the units sold by nokia, lg, samsung etc are low end or even disposables. I’d love to know the money figures.

    Still, very interesting article (and don’t fret Sebastian- many of us are aware of the difference between journalistic articles and blogg entries. We’re here to read about iPhone related news. I don’t imagine I’d visit 3-4 times a day if it were a generic mobile blog)