To scrobble is the act of sending information of a currently playing track, or song, to is a free service that recommends and suggests music by discovering new music based on the music you play. In short, it’s a social network that focuses on music and artists only.

Like other social networks, you find and add friends in order to share your musical tastes with other people and to discover the musical tastes of friends…

Scrobbl is a small program for the iPhone that sits in the background (as a MobileSubstrate daemon) listening for songs or podcasts to be played through the As each track is played, Scrobbl sends a little note to with the details of the track being played. The track then appears in your Recently Listened Tracks feed for you and others to view…

Scrobbl is available for free in Cydia. The current version, 0.9.5, supports iOS 3.0 to 4.1. Additionally, there’s a SBSettings switch just for Scrobbl, SBSettings Scrobble Toggle, that let’s you quickly, and easily, enable or disable Scroll from sending track information to from SBSettings.

Please note that the this current version of Scrobbl does not support status bar icons, and as such, you will not see Scrobbl’s icon indicating its state.

  • Doug

    How does this work with the iTunes scrobble functionality? Will my tracks be added twice, whilst playing and then when I sync?

    • Juan

      Glad you brought this up.

      While scrobbling from the iDevice, do not scrobble from iTunes. I’ve never scrobbled from both at the same time so I can’t really say what happens but it makes sense to only scrobble from one location at a time.

      Secondly, disable, in the official scrobble plugin for iTunes, “Enable iPod Scrobbling” located in prefences under the iPod section. If you fail to do this, you will like get the the same list of songs scrobbled twice. Again, I’ve never let this happen but it makes sense to no allow the desktop plugin to scrobble already listened to tracks.

  • joschka Amadeus Heuer

    where can i download igt?