For some reasons far beyond my understanding, FaceTime has been banned from several countries in the Middle East, and up until today, there was to way to activate FaceTime there. It’s now possible thanks to a hack called FaceTime Hacktivator.

Like most hack, it requires your iPhone 4 to be jailbroken. If it’s not done yet, you can do so using PwnageTool, GreenPois0n, or LimeRa1n. Once jailbroken, follow these instructions to activate FaceTime in any unsupported countries, including in the Middle East…

Step 1: Go to Cydia and add the following source:

Step 2: Search for FaceTime Hacktivator. Install the app and reboot your iPhone.

Step 3: Go to Settings > Phone, and activate the FaceTime option.

Step 4: Your iPhone will then send the activation SMS.

You’re now good to go!

If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below.

[Redmond Pie]

  • karl

    Requires >= iOS 4.1. I am still on 4.0.2

    • ahmed al-khuzae

      i saw this on the original arabic website first btw

      they say the problem only exist on update to 4.1
      ,, plus why dont u just update,,u will get HDR and gamecenter ,also its still jailbreakable
      and also u will get facetime

  • RG

    does not work. always waiting for activation

    • AChaps

      Same here what to do!!! Its ALWAYS waiting for activation…

  • RG

    by the way

    iphone 4
    iOS 4.1
    Apple Activated, Apple factory Unlocked (bought in canada)
    Unofficial carrier

    does this proceess requires to receive an international SMS back (like miTime) ?

  • RG

    model MC603C

  • Puls8

    Will this work in India ?

  • chiranjiv

    nope…nothing working…same waiting…help…plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Imran

      Make sure you wrote that you wrote your phone number starts with a “+ with a key country

  • Imran

    Works Greatttttt in UAE

    • NOel

      hi Imran which tool you used to Jailbreak your Iphone 4? im in DU carrier when i jb it with limerain my data plan is not working cannot connect.

  • Redford

    Works flawless in Dubai – confirmed! Big thanks to the writer of the app! Two thumbs up for IDB, for sharing the info! more power!! whoah!

  • It worked, thanks man! ­čÖé

    • avneesh

      Hey did u buy the iphone 4 in dubai itself? Which provider? Du or itisalat? Im going to buy one very soon. i need to how facetime will work and through which provider.

  • Taj

    Hello it’s not worked and also not sent any SMS
    I have jail broken iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 with base 1.59

  • HoH

    I bought I phon 4 frm Eyislate OS 4.2.1 (new user)
    i Download face time but not work.

  • HoH

    I bought I phon 4 form Etislate OS 4.2.1
    I am (new user).
    i Download face time but not work.
    help please help

    • Cris

      Same here,…. Before I’m os4.1 and it works well but I updated os4.2 , jb again and install FaceTime hacktivator now only waiting for activation not activated, any help pls

  • Saahil

    Will It Work On 4.3.3 For Nepal Carriers

  • prasant

    after this also it is not been activating>?????????

  • jubble

    i did it….but the facetime thing wont show… running on 4.3.5 btw

  • varun

    facetime not working in india on idea network help me will it work or i have to change network

  • TTom

    How to make face time work on Ipad 2 purchased in the US. Please help.

  • does it work on ipad 2

  • Taz mania

    any ways to do it without JB the IPAD? Especially now with IOS6; I wonna use it and there is no JB so far as you know

  • BM

    work for new iPad (4) buy in Dubai?

  • Thank you so much. Have been wanting this for so long, but bought my ipad and iphone in Saudi and facetime is blocked here. It works perfectly.
    Take that Saudi

    • I bought my iPad from Saudi too and I did all the steps mentioned above. FaceTime now shows on my home screen. But when I try to make FT calls it says that my contact needs to upgrade to iOS 4.1 or higher when they actually have iOS 6. has it worked with you? Please let me know! Thanks

  • awad

    dose it work with iphone 5 !?

  • Barrett Brookshire

    any chance getting this working on iOS7 with an iPhone 5s?

  • raffi

    what about the i phone5s. how to activate the facetime