When you think the drama is almost over, some good ol’ rumors show up, throwing yet a little more oil on the fire. According to BGR and their insider ninjas, Apple has absolutely no plan of ever releasing the white iPhone 4.

The plan is actually to delay the White iPhone 4 again in the Spring, which would inevitably lead us to an iPhone 5 release…

Our source hypothesizes another “delay” communicated around March leading us into an iPhone 5 release time-frame in June / July. Something interesting is that manufacturing sources our contact has are keeping quiet on the matter, not confirming that this was in fact a manufacturing issue at this point, but that there might be something else going on behind the scenes.

HA! Something going on behind the scenes? Like what? A Verizon iPhone?

No matter what’s going on, I think Apple should get its s**t together and communicate about what’s really going on. Postponing a product release every other month is amateurish at best.

What’s your take on this situation?

  • Z

    @Sebastien Agreed

    P.S.: off topic, but I thought you’d want to let iDB readers know. I came across a Pandora hack that removes the ads and skip limit for free users of pandora.

    • I think I saw that. What is it called again?

      • Saice

        Pandora skip hack

      • Z

        Pandora v3.1.4 Skip Hack
        I found it on insanelyi repo

        Works great for me, I forgot ads ever existed

  • Rob

    If Your So Prissy About Colours By A Case!, There’s No Need For A White One.

  • Burge

    The all new iPhone 5 …….is going to be the White iPhone 4 ….

  • Rob

    Hey that pandora hack is awesome!!

    • Will

      Dude , loving it ! Repo is awesome !

  • Justin

    there are a few services that will switch your black glass plates for white ones. had it done about 2 weeks ago, and i’m happy. no it may not be an “authentic” white i4, but it does that trick and nobody is the wiser lol

    • geo

      What is the service that will change the plates? Where can I find the plates too? I’m totally interested. 🙂

      • Justin

        there’s 2 services…apparently one uses OEM parts, and the other supposedly doesn’t. idk how u can use actual parts for a product that’s not out lol but one is ifixyouri.com, that’s where i got my done, and the other is iresq.com. neither one of these services is cheap fyi, but it was so worth it lol hope this helps

  • dan

    who the fuck cares about a fucking color.

  • BabylonX

    Since I don’t have a real life and all I care about is the release of the new white iPhone 4 I am so worried and depressed with that rumor! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    C mon people. Get a life. Nobody really cares about color. I don’t even care about the iPhone 4. I still got my 3Gs which has a far superior design than the 4 and its inferior features are not important enough for me to justify the diffrence in price.

    • DSN1138

      Hah you think your 3gs is better ? superior design ? Have you even seen the Iphone 4?

  • Chris

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