Everything was pretty smooth for a while on my 4.1 jailbroken device, but then it happened. I tapped the Home button to quit an app and nothing happened. I double tapped it, and the switcher popped up. Another double tap and it retreated. Another single tap, but my open app stayed open.

If this happened to you, most likely the problem is with the latest version of Notified Pro.  I did some research, and uninstalled Notified Pro via Cydia. After a reboot, the problem was gone. Just in case, I re-installed it. Within half an hour, the problem was back, and I couldn’t quit apps without using the SBSettings Close Button.

I removed Notified Pro again, and problem solved. If you can’t live without Notified Pro, check this out. Hope this helps some of you out there.  Anyone else experience the same issue?

  • Bennlloyd

    Your a bloody star,thank you.! I’ve been having the same issue for a while now and had no idea as to why. Now I’ve uninstalled notified pro and yep, you’ve guessed it, no issues. Thanks again.!!!!

  • Kev

    Got a similar intermittent problem like this but not got notified pro. Wonder what app may be causing mine?

  • c0ntr0l

    Also had problem took off notified pro problem gone I use lock info for status bar notification now so far no problems

  • Manuel

    Same here, got this problem but no notified Pro installed. In fact I’ve got just three or four apps from Cydia, because of that.

  • had this same issue on my wife’s iPhone 4 ….. but we don’t have that tweak….. I just simply performed a reboot & the problem was solved!!!! a reboot can fix many issues that I have encountered

  • oh …. and…. were on 4.0.1 NOT 4.1 ….. so who knows

  • Eric

    Install notify pro then do do a real reboot. Not the cydia respring and you will have no problems. Always do a real full reboot after modifying mobile substrates. Noobs.

    • Tell us why we must reboot after adding/deleting an MS extension. No offense, but this is the most absurd thing I’ve heard.

  • iphoneswiss

    Ok I thought my homebutton broke down but i haven’t installed the notify pro and i’ve the same problems… any other app known that makes this issue?

  • Not using Notified Pro and still have the issue. Are you using Activator with it? My guess is it’s activator. Just a guess.

  • iphoneswiss

    Of course I’m using Activator. who doesn’t use Activatior?

  • appletiser

    thanks, have been experiencing this on my 3gs (4.0.1) but only intermittently, uninstalled notified but if it still persists then will need a rethink (:

  • Dave

    I have that problem too. I think it’s activator. Gotta be…I really wish I knew. I hate it when this happens

  • Clav

    Having issue with iPod app always running in background. Try quitting back always running in bckgrd using memory. Anyone have an answer??

    • appletiser

      try SBSettings/Processes, kill iPod process and/or free up memory? hope this is of some help (:

  • For me, full reboots made the problem disappear temporarily, then the problem returned. I’m guessing it’s one specific event that occurs in Notified Pro that triggers the problem. Simply having it on the phone may not produce the error.

    For those of you who have the problem but don’t have Notified Pro, it might be LockInfo or one of the LockScreen apps. It may also be one of the apps that provides statusbar notifications, since Notified recently added this functionality.

    Other possible culprits: any of the TaskSwitcher tweaks, or any jailbreak app that lets you exit/close/hide it by single tapping the home button.

  • Clav

    Tried everything, no change thus far on getting iPod not to run in background, seems apple wants to keep reminding me that they still own part of my iPhone lol

  • soccerkrzy

    I’ve had this problem but have never had notified pro. I’ve deduced mine happens with BiteSMS and if I receive two texts while in QC or QR and in lock screen. It’s random that it happens, but a quick re-spring fixes the problem.