Yesterday we reported that a major security flaw had been found in iOS 4, which would allow anyone to bypass the iPhone password protection with a couple simple actions. In my article I reported that Apple would most likely fix that with the future release of iOS 4.2, sometimes in the next few weeks.

It seems that I was right as an Apple spokeswoman gave Wired the following statement:

We’re aware of this issue and we will deliver a fix to customers as part of the iOS 4.2 software update in November.

Until then, the jailbreak community will most likely come up with a fix for that.

  • pleask55

    woooo can’t wait for 4.2

  • Burge

    And when 4.2 comes out , it’ll be jailbroke very quickly ..…

    • Rob

      And unlocked soon after

      • Burge

        Very soon after

  • Chico

    I can’t wait to upgrade my iPad to the new 4.2 I didn’t do it yet with the beta version so I can keep my beautiful JB

  • yep! apple is trying to save money =D

  • James

    Apple should fix iOS 4 where that nobody can jailbreak the device. Why jailbreak? I mean getting the paid apps for free is by all means stealing. It’s like going to a store and taking something that doesn’t belongs to you and should be caught and do jail time. If apple can make any device that can’t be jailbroken and if happens the device should be useless if jailbroken. That should stop theses theifs in action…

  • Jamesisadick

    James not everyone jailbreaks their idevices to get free apps you prick, some if us just want control of the things we’ve paid big bucks for. End of the day if I can afford hundreds for a phone I’m pretty sure I can afford to pay 59p for an app. Now wind your fucking neck in you cock.

    • #$%^

      *thumbs up*

  • Theo M.

    More and more it seems to be better to store your Contacts in an App like Safe, where they are secure even if the passcode has been tricked out.

  • ultimatefighter

    james,if your gonna shit talk the jailbreak community,i suggest you get the fuck of this site you tool!