So much for the good surprise we had this morning when the white iPhone 4 appeared in Apple’s own Apple Store application. If you thought the white iPhone 4 was just around the corner, then think again, as a spokesperson told Reuters the long awaited white model won’t be available until next Spring.

The white iPhone 4 has been officially delayed several times now (1, 2, 3), and this is getting a little ridiculous…

“We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again,” Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said. When asked why the white phone would again be delayed, Muller declined to comment.

I don’t know about you but when “next Spring” comes, I won’t be waiting for the white iPhone 4, instead, I’ll patiently be waiting for the iPhone 5.


  • Tony

    Or perhaps a different phone.

  • Derrick

    Glad I never wanted one. Bummer 3x over to those that were excited for it

  • I think this is getting to be more embarrassing than antennagate for Apple…

  • Jason

    theres always

  • Will

    they shouldn’t have announced the white iPhone4 at the first place.

  • Are we really that surprised? Apple needs something to keep the consumer interested during the holidays this year. I expect a christmas release of the white iPhone 4 screen.

  • Very weak… C’mon Apple.

  • griff

    Steve Jobs lazy as shit all he cares about is making the MacBook lighter, iPhone 5 will be out by then so thats a a waste to wait.

  • Noooo beware of jailbreakme

    Man the iPhone 5 will probably cum way later then u guys think who said it would be out next year?

    • Well, so far Apple has released a new model every year since 2007 so it only makes sense they’d release the iPhone 5 next summer. Like Sebastien said why would we care about white iPhone 4 being available next Spring when the iPhone 5 would be out next summer.

      • Burge

        Will there be a White one ?

  • Burge

    Sod the i4 in White .. I will take the i5 in White ..or is that not going to happen aswell ? ..if Apple do not sort it out, this 3GS will be my last iPhone .. I just do not want the black one it’s as simple as that…

    • Lol I hear that. Many people want the white one. I am guessing one of the reasons is generally most Apple/Mac items are white. The white looks nice but white dirties easier than black so I will stick with black.

      Maybe if it’s true they work people in factories in China so hard that they practically live at the factory, maybe someone spilled Soy sauce in the vat and messed up the white ones. Can’t be shipping white iPhone 4s with a splash of Soy sauce in the plastic.

  • Whatthefuss

    Anyone gifting me an iPhone 4 ? I take them if its white, black , pink , yellow you name it. As long as it’s the phone itself.

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