HP has just announced some new features for their 2.0 release of the recently acquired WebOS.  Some of them just seem to be playing catch-up with iOS 4.

There’s also the infamous claim of “true multitasking.”  We’ll see.  But there’s two features that I think would be awesome on the iPhone and I would love to see appear in Cydia (soon please!)…

Exhibition Mode

When you place the device on the inductive charger, a default app or action launches, like a slideshow, a news app, a video, etc.  We already have Synchronicity for doing stuff while charging, and plenty of LockScreen widget apps, but do any of them specifically launch when the iPhone is charging? And is there a way for an app to recognize specifically that an inductive battery pack is being used?

Just Type

This feature seems like a no-brainer.  You launch the app via Activator and you see a text field with the keyboard.  You type in it.  When you’re done, it detects what you’ve typed in and predicts what you want to do with it.  Then it launches the right app and performs the right action.  If it comes down to multiple possibilities, it asks you and learns your preferences.  URL schemes are already pretty standard in apps.  How hard can this be?

If these already exist, I want to hear from you.  If you think there’s something else in WebOS 2.0 that I overlooked, sound off in the comments.  I personally think WebOS can’t beat a jailbroken iPhone.  Do you?

  • Regarding Just Type,

    isn’t that exactly what Spotlight does? Okay, you have swipe to it first but hey, it’s pretty underrated anyway.

  • Z

    @Nick Spotlight is already mentioned. The Just Type app that you’re talking about sounds more like a secretary to me. Are you lonely? Do you want someone to wipe your booty for you too?
    Set a shortcut in activator for Notes and type away =) but come on, a do-it-all-for-you app that can’t do two things: jerk you off and cook you breakfast at the same time??? Just sounds a little unrealistic.
    P.S.: Google App and Bing… You don’t even have to “Just Type” 😉

    • I don’t *need* but I would like to test it out. Point well taken regardless. 🙂

  • Z

    @Burge Yay I’m second =P LOL

  • Admittedly, I am a Palm and WebOS fan boy, but Spotlight is nothing like Just Type. Spotlight was just Apple half ripping off Palm’s old Universal Search on WebOS. Just Type is capable of doing a whole lot more. Instead of having to find the app that you are looking for, you just start typing, and then select the action you want. For example, on an iPhone, to send a Tweet you generally have to pull out your phone, find your Twitter app, navigate to the update section, then start typing, then send it. On WebOS 2.0 all you have to do to post something on Twitter will be pull out your phone, type it in, then select, Send as a Tweet. That is a ridiculously dumbed down example of what it can do. It is also extremely customizable, and developers can tie it into their app. Then again, I’m sure Jobs will slap something similar on the next iPhone that does half of what JustType does, and then Mossberg and his cronies will ooh and ahh over his creative genius. Anyway, the iPhone still kicks Palm all over the place when it comes to hardware. I’d kill for an iPhone 4 with WebOS on it.

    • Dan W

      Completely agree with you Ray, WebOS is simply brilliant. In my opinion it is as close to perfect as an operating system can get. The only downfall to is it the hardware, I’m not knocking the style, but the CPU is just @ par, nothing special. when they released the specs for Palm Pre 2 i was rather disappointed… there is no reason for me to go from the Palm Pre Plus to the Pre 2.

      • james

        If steve jobs tries to pass just type as his own genius i will kick him in the balls. He can lezt 3rd party apps have their results in spotlight if he acknowledges palm but he cannot steal quick actions. And some of these features just catching up are inevitable because this is the first major update since ios 4. Palm has been having a really hard time so if you want these features, go buy a pre.

      • james

        If steve jobs tries to pass just type as his own genius i will kick him in the balls.

  • Just two features Sebastien ? I would expect more of you 😀 Check this out:


    • Z

      The Author was Nick, not Sebastien

      • Oh, my mistake. Used to see only Sebastien around here.

  • BeA

    @Ray: If it’s about twitter, you can type anywhere and twitter it directly with “Action Menu”

  • ST

    WebOS DOES have “true multitasking.” There is no “we’ll see” about it. You can open a web page, and play a game while it loads. Try doing that with any other os. Oh, and WebOS 1 does it already.

    • True. But the article stated that they are planning to implement “true multitasking” into the 2.0 update. What does that make the current version? My guess is there’s some room for improvement and they’re closing the gap.

      • ST

        The “true multitasking” is in response to the pseudo multitasking of other OS. I see it as more marketing than anything else. The article doesn’t say its a part of the update just that it’s a claim, as if it weren’t true. Your right about there being room for improvement, there always is, but the “true multitasking” part is already in existence and has been. That’s all I’m saying.

  • I like Spotlight, but it’s not enough for me. I only use it when I forget which folder I put a particular app in. I can see how it’s easy to compare Just Type and Spotlight, but I find Spotlight to just be an awesome indexed search engine. I could see Just Type being something more. And true, with Action Menu some of the actions are already implemented, but Action Menu does not offer a place to just start typing. It’s best when dealing with selected text.

    And as for the mere two features, I must say I studied the list pretty hard, and there’s not much else in it that makes my wish list for the iPhone. We’ll see what WebOS 3.0 brings to the table.