Here’s another interesting Cydia tweak! Firmware Changer can change your iPhone to iOS 4.1 (or any other one) without updating. Basically, it will not let you update to 4.1, but it will fake to be on 4.1 (or any other version you want to pretend to be on).

Why would you want change your firmware version? You can use it so that whenever your connect your device to your computer, iTunes will not show this annoying message asking you to update to the latest firmware… 

Additionally, some apps won’t be installed unless you’re on iOS 4.1, so using this tweak will allow you to install iOS 4.1 only apps (although your mileage may vary).

Firmware Changer is available for free in Cydia via ModMyi repository. Of course you will need a jailbroken iPhone to enjoy this app. You can use our guide posted here to jailbreak your iPhone using Limera1n or GreenPois0n.

  • Dark

    Great …… Love it

    • send me the deb please

  • Ponycrest

    Nice !

  • akag9

    It’s not working. At all. iPhone 4. 4.0.1. Tried restringing, restarting, reinstalling. Nope. Conflict? Anyone has it working on ip4?

    • can you please send me the deb file?

  • zizou2456

    can’t find it in cydia

  • Debochopper

    I cant find it.

  • #$%^

    i cant find it too…pls help~~~

  • IDK

    Um it’s not working on my 2G iPod running iOS 4.0

    I also have a question:
    Let’s say I downgrade to 3.1.3 and I want to get an app from cydia (like Orbit which isn’t compatible with iOS 4.0), would it work?

  • it was there. now its not. looks like it was pulled

  • SelGomez

    Hi everyone u know what happens if i installed and it stuck on downloading packages. and i rebooted and now it is not appearing on cydia. u know what happened 🙁

    • fghfjk

      Go to /private/etc/apt/ and something one of the folders (i forget) and then cydia.list and remove

  • thiagoBRA

    Me too, I can’t find it on cydia neither on modmyi repository …
    someone help???

  • Ryan

    Hi there, I’m the owner of this app and yes it has been pulled from Cydia due to the fact that the Modmyi repo owners didn’t set the main files permissions correctly, causing the app to not be able to run as root and therefore not being able to save the firmware number. Modmyi then decided that giving root access to my app could be considered dangerous and therefore won’t host it without an alternative method.

    Sorry for the inconvenience


    • akag9

      Ryan, can you post deb file somewhere? For more adventurous of us 🙂 ??

    • Vampyr

      May I contact you to get the .deb file for me to manually install your Firmware changer 4 app. I know how to use teminal so I can set the pemission levels on my root ti install it correctly?

      • Limit21

        I would also like to have this file if possible. Thank you!

  • who cares? jailbreaking is up to speed anyway so theres really no point to fake it, unless you need to preserve an unlock only.

  • Misc

    I don’t recommend using this, I used it in the past and it cause lots of issues

  • ANyone find Alternative?

  • Tom



  • Rohitc

    i wud highly suggest no to use this application…very buggy restoring my iphone as i type…very not install…:P

  • Tom

    @rohitc it IS safe (i believe :P)

  • I have a question, All Apple app must be in the lastest firmware to install latest updates on the app but will still work even if not updated but will this app allow it to think it is updated and install all Apple app updates. Also will this allow you to facetime with users on 4.2.1 because if you call them from a mac it will say user need to update to the latest firmware and not allow you to call them. So if they have this will it think it is and allow the call or do you still have to use iphonedelivery for facetime to work? Also will it mess up Cydia apps meaning will cydia know what version OS you have to not allow you to install the wrong versions?

  • does anyone know what file it edits.!!!

  • Geofferey

    /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion .plist

    BEWARE: If you are trying to change the os ver to 4.X.X manually, it may leave your device an useable state causing you to restore! That’s what happened to me at least

  • Richard

    Can I use it for change firmware of iPhone 2G from 3.1.3 to 4.0? I would like to install newer applications from the AppStore.

  • Ricky

    Hi All
    Im looking to update my firmware to the new 4.0. i have the 3.1 and jailbreaked it on that, can i update firmware to 4.0> without having to lose my jailbreak

  • Mike


  • Tom

    @mike no problem 🙂

  • Lalit Rooprai

    my app store stopped working after i have installed firmware 6.1.3 faker.plz help me

  • Tim Farris

    I need the deb it seems to be gone not in the repo anymore I know it use to be there I used it b4 but it is just gone