Camera All in One is a new app for the iPhone by Joypiece software. Camera All in One gives you so many more functions for your iPhone camera that the stock camera app does not.

Ever wanted your iPhone camera to have Face Detection or Anti-shake? Well now it can with this great app. Other features include Voice shutter, Self timer, Countdown shutter, continuous shutter and soft flash for night time picture taking… 

Camera All in One additionally includes the ability to take pictures in either 3, 8 or 12 mega pixel format but only on the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and offers various effects as well as zoom. One of my favorite features is the time and date stamp at the bottom just like my digital SLR has.

I played with it quite a bit and it is certainly going to be my go to app for taking pictures with my iPhone 4. I even tested the Anti-shake feature by gently rocking in my chair while taking a picture and was impressed that the picture turned out perfect with no blurriness at all.

The one major thing I found annoying is that the developer offers a second app called Camera Me and from reading the data in iTunes, it seems that it is the same app but with the ads removed. The Camera All in One app is free but always pops up a message when launched asking if you want to buy the other version. I don’t mind the iAds running at the bottom of the screen but please get rid of that annoying pop up window.

You can download the Camera All in One Camera application in the App Store for free.

What do you think? Is this a camera app you would consider using in place of the default app or do you have another that you like better?

  • Chris

    Trying it so far seems ok. Was scared of the low rating in iTunes. Crashes every time I try to use auto save.

    • Burge

      I get the same prob and iam not using auto save..on a 3GS …

  • What model phone do you have? Just curious I am running an iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 and had no trouble with auto-save.

  • There’s another free app named “All in One Camera Free” and it has 301 ratings.

    Which is better?

    • Not sure which is better, haven’t tried All in One Camera Free yet. Will have to check it out.

    • I did try the one you mentioned and it is a decent app as well. The anti-shake doesn’t work as good and it doesn’t have all the same functions but some of them.

  • Ivan

    This is by far the worst app I have ever installed on my 3GS… It actually rebooted my iPhone when it crashed!!!

    • Ouch!, sounds like the developer is incorrect on it being fully usable on the 3GS I apologize you are having so much trouble with this app.

      • Ivan

        It wasn’t that bad, no damage after all, just a big scare…

  • Pete

    You should definitely have a look on ProCamera, Seb!!
    It is by far the ‘smartest’ cam app with features I only found there, e.g. locking focus or exposure to a point, setting them separately (just as Cam+, but with lock, which is really important!
    This, plus its white balance lock makes videos so much smoother!

    Their newest update stores compass data to EXIF and shows all info in its photo album.

    As a big plus to the standard app (and all others I’ve seen), you can see the location of a single photo on a map (not all at once like with the places feature, which is stupid).
    It even shows the direction you were heading while you shot the pic!

    I think they have a free basic version, so check it out..

  • I like this user interface, looks so good.

  • Nitish

    When i add new apps from itune .
    It said that “itune could not remove camera all in one” and the apps was not added