Okay, so it was never on the Mac to begin with, but who didn’t see that coming? At Apple’s ‘Back To The Mac’ event this afternoon — or morning, depending on where you call home — FaceTime was announced for Mac OS X.  This means that all of those with iPhone 4’s just got a few million more potential friends to talk to via Apple’s suddenly ubiquitous social service.

Of course the most exciting news is that FaceTime for the Mac is available for download today.  For your convenience, we’ve included a video demonstrating a FaceTime call between a Mac and an iPhone 4. Check inside for the full details.

Will you use FaceTime on your Mac?  Do you think its prevalence will change the way we communicate?

  • GTtim

    I will download that

  • Z

    Damn Jeff, are you using an HDTV as a monitor? That thing is huuuuuge! My TV in my bedroom is smaller than that hehe

    Great video, simple and straight forward

  • Z

    Though I noticed a bit of a contradiction there: the topic says that FT comes BACK to Mac, but your very first sentence of an article says it has never been available for Macs =)

    • I know, it was play on word of sorts 😛 I was actually just going to get right into the article, but I caught myself and included that introduction. I knew you eagle-eyed readers would see it! 🙂

  • Kevin

    I’ve already made FaceTime calls to a friend from: my Mac to his iPhone 4, my Mac to his Mac, and vice-verse. It works pretty good and we had a lot of fun constantly switching from portrait to landscape to throw each other off the conversation. I can probably think of about a dozen tweaks I’d like to see.

    • What sort of tweaks did you have in mind?

  • Ponycrest

    I hope works on Windows too

  • Cojendo

    So what is the difference between facetime on Mac and iChat? Is iChat going to be removed or just renamed to facetime?

  • felipe

    when I made jailbreak with greenpoison, no icon appears FaceTime in my iphone 4, anyone know how to fix this??

    • Try going into your settings.app > General > Reser > Reset Network Settings.

      This will reset all of your network settings, and may resolve your issue. Be warned, you’ll have to resubmit any saved Wi-Fi networks, etc.

      • felipe

        doesn’t work!!!!

    • Sohail

      go to settings > phone > and make sure FaceTime is ON

      • felipe

        waiting for activation…. but there remains.

  • I’m on this like brown on rice.

  • Angel

    it’s suck that it’s only for 10.6.4 and higher 🙁 i have os 10.5.8 🙁 suck big time!!

  • Why do u guys kepp on saying 10.6.4 or 10.5.8

    • Angel

      coz it only works with os higher than 10.6.4

  • DoNt WoRrY aBoUt It

    Knw it’s in the wtog section but didnt knw where to post this but I wound like to knw how I can remove the wifi logo or icon or signal from my iPod touch’s status bar because I use the wifi from the multitasking time tweak so I don’t need it on the status bar pls no answers like settings wifi and off no that not what I’m looking for

  • Vitaliy

    @ Felipe, I might be mistaken but there suppose to be no icon for facetime on iPhone 4, since you can go straight to the adress book or phone interface and facetime from there. I think only iPod touch includes the icon since it has no phone service.. Once again I might be missing something..Hope it helps 😀