Boy Genius Report has reported (from an inside source at Apple) that the new CDMA iPhone has reached final testing stages. There is no confirmation that this iPhone is specifically intended for Verizon, but CDMA compatibility is almost a given. The above image is of the rumored device, which BGR says may contain a SIM card slot…

About two months ago, John Gruber broke the story that the CDMA iPhone was in “Engineering Verification Testing” (EVT) status. One month ago, Apple Insider reported that Apple is apparently planning on building 3 million CDMA iPhones by December.

Here’s the newest story from the CDMA iPhone rumor mill:

According to BGR, this specific iPhone is called the iPhone “3,2” model. The first generation iPhone was the “1,1” model. The 3G was known as the “1,2” model, the 3GS was the “2,1” model, the iPhone 4 was the “3,1” model. So it makes sense that this “3,2” model is the next major iteration of the iPhone. It could be marketed as a totally new iPhone 5, or it could be considered a variation of the iPhone 4.

BGR highlights some speculation about this rumored device:

  • The iPhone 3,2 could be the mythical CDMA + GSM/HSPA device that would support Verizon, AT&T, and the other current worldwide iPhone 4 carriers frequencies. The mid-cycle refresh would bring an updated antenna design for the current iPhone 4 and bring CDMA-compatibility; essentially, Verizon Wireless subscribers would have the same device as AT&T subscribers.
  • The iPhone 3,2 could be a CDMA-capable iPhone that houses a SIM card for global roaming capabilities; though that certainly seems more complicated than just having one single glove that would fit both hands.
  • One last possibility that the iPhone model 3,2 would simply be a slightly different design that doesn’t suffer from the same antenna attenuation as the current model; though that would be a little disappointing.

What is assumed is that Apple’s next iPhone will be the carrier super-phone, boating GSM and CDMA compatibility. There has been a rumor that Verizon and Sprint will finally be able to offer concurrent voice and data in the near future like GSM can. Perhaps Apple’s new iPhone will be the first major handset to bring this update for CDMA to market.

When concurrent voice and data are offered on both platforms, there is nothing that makes GSM more appealing than CDMA for consumers. And, you would finally be able to get an iPhone on a network other than AT&T.

It really makes no sense for Apple to not release a universal iPhone. With how well iPhones have sold on AT&T alone, I think it’s safe to say that opening the iPhone up to all major carriers in the U.S. would make Android shake in its boots.

Does this rumor sound legitimate to you?

[Boy Genius Report]

  • whtlime

    It sounds very legitimate.

  • zaba

    i think both tmobile and verizon deserve to have iphone not just shatty att!! i love iphones and that’s olny reason i am switched to att, it would great if vetizon gets iphone when it would be fair

  • Vitaliy

    I will jump on ANY carrier that will offer unlimited internet plan on iPhone..that is if any will.

  • Thisdood

    I think this Is a little far fetched… Don’t get me wrong, i would looooove a cmda/gsm iPhone.

    At risk of butchering the old saying; Dreaming of your cake is a whole lot different than eating it too.

  • Only time will tell ……

  • bfRapples

    this picture is photo-shopped. It is one of the ones ifixit took when then dissembeled the iphone 4, just the screwdriver isn’t there. link:

    • LMAO you are right it is the exact same photo, modified. Everyone still seems to forget VZW CEO said NO iPhone anytime soon. It is probable that Apple might be making an iPhone 4 CDMA version for the carriers in Canada that already have the earlier iPhone.

      A world phone iPhone 4 would be great but not sure Apple will go that route, maybe.

  • sorry for asking a dumb question but what’s the difference between cdma and gsm?

  • No problem, Daniel. They are simply two different wireless standards. Feel free to read more-